Hello, my dear. How's things?3,310
Well, my dear. Is there anything else I can do for you?2,272
Well there are these two ladies who know a lot about rat catching.1,466
They generally are to be found in the sewers underneath Varrock, a horrid place, I should know.1,443
I've had to drag Shilop and Wilough out of there more times than I care for, the little rascals.1,433
Oh yes, before I forget I think there are some people you should meet.1,320
Indeed I have. They are 100 coins each, do you want one?1,283
Do I look okay? Those kids drive me crazy.1,106
Fluffs, poor Fluffs. She never hurt anyone.1,103
My beloved feline friend Fluffs. She's been purring by my side for almost a decade. Please, could you go search for her while I look over the kids?1,101
You're back! Thank you! Thank you! Fluffs just came back! I think she was just upset as she couldn't find her kitten.1,071
If you hadn't found her kitten it would have died out there!1,070
I don't know how to thank you. I have no real material possessions. I do have kittens! I can only really look after one.1,069
I would sell it to my cousin in West Ardougne. I hear there's a rat epidemic there. But it's too far.1,067
I don't know which is harder raising kids or cats.1,059
Well done.1,054
Really? Thank you so much! I really have no idea where she could be!1,048
Good good, See you again.998
I'm sorry. It's just that I've lost her.938
Aren't you still raising that other kitten? Only once it's fully grown and it no longer needs your attention will I let you have another kitten.909
Welcome back adventurer! How is your cat?841
What can I do for you then? I hope it's not about death runes. I heard a terrible rumour you know.837
Come on, spit it out.831
Did you ever get to talk to those people I told you about?829
Why, are you going to talk in a stupid accent? Go on, try me.824
Bob.... you mean the big tomcat who hangs around the Heroes' guild? No, I'm afraid I don't know a lot about him. People round here know I care for sick and abandoned animals, and one day I found a basket with821
Oh was I... Oh yes, well, I'm afraid I don't know anything about them adventurer.806
Here you go, look after her and thank you again!804
No, sorry. If it's a legend, it's Reldo you need to talk to. He's in Varrock palace library, knows all about that kind of thing.793
I think my sons, Shilop and Wilough, saw the cat last. They'll be out in the market place.793
Oh by the way, the kitten can live in your backpack, but to make it grow you must take it out and feed and stroke it often.769
You're still raising that last cat and it needs your attention. Only when the cat doesn't need your attention any longer could I possibly let you have another kitten.757
I'll want 100 coins for a kitten.658
Well okay, but they're all just as cuddly as each other.623
a kitten inside it left on my doorstep. I brought him up as best I could and he soon learnt to take care of himself. He really was an amazing little thing. There was this one time when.....602
Crumbs! Your cat's quite noisy isn't it? Is everything OK?581
Okay then, here you go.495
I'm sorry, I'm too poor to pay you anything, the best I could offer is a warm meal.233
So, can you help?160
Well, hello adventurer! How are you?149
Well well! You are good with cats!148
Here, I have a little present for you...115
Oh, deary me. You've been letting it eat demonic beings, haven't you? Don't worry, just give it a drink of milk and it'll be right as rain.76
Have you seen my poor Fluffs?59
What about Shilop?59
Hmmm...strange, he should be at the market.56
Well, okay then, I'll have to find someone else.23
Oh, I do love my precious little kittens! Perhaps you could care for one, some day!21
Hey traveller, did Fluffs eat the sardines?12
Well that is strange, there must be a reason.12
Greetings adventurer, have you spoken to Reldo in the palace library about Robert the Strong?11
Hello again, did you manage to find Shilop? I can't keep an eye on him for the life of me.5
Hello little kitty, are you lost?4
Come here little fella, I've got a tasty sardine for you.4
Who's a good fluff ball.4
You have no idea! Did he help at all?4
Thanks again, adventurer.4
Hello. How's it going? Any luck?4
Well well, you are clever! Did you bring her back?4
Oh dear, oh dear! Maybe she's just hungry. She loves doogle sardines but I'm all out.4
Yes, raw sardines seasoned with doogle leaves. Unfortunately I've used all my doogle leaves, but you may find some in the woods out back.4
Free up a little space so I can give you a present.2
Hello again, adventurer. I'm a bit busy now - come back another time, please.1