Yes, he is gone from this place. You did a great thing removing him.122
Who I was does not matter. Now, I am a guardian for the Shadow Realm and I am protecting this area from any more disturbances.121
There are those who walk in the Shadow Realm whom should not.96
You were well rewarded for your effort. But you should leave this place, for it is not wise to tarry.66
Ah, so that is why you return. I can assist you in that and give you another.53
Whoooo wooo whooooooooo.50
We are waiting for you to join us.16
Wooo wooo wooOOooOOoo!3
On the horizon! Do you see it?3
Don't send me back to that library!3
It took me too long to get out of there... Just don't send me back!3
WOOO woooo wooo WOOOO!2
Someone help me! I'm trapped!2
We're all doomed.2
Wooo wooo woooooooo!2
You do not have enough space for it. Speak to me again when you do.1
Put that fire out!1