Most certainly, I will.2,043
Yes, of course.2,020
I'll do anything that annoys Necrovarus.1,986
Yes! It's about time somebody did something about Necrovarus.1,958
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours...1,810
It'll cost you...1,801
I will if you make it worth my while...1,725
Oh, it'll cost you 3 ecto-tokens.1,331
Oh, it'll cost you 1 ecto-tokens.1,325
Oh, it'll cost you 2 ecto-tokens.1,259
Get lost.1,111
How dare you accost me in the street?1,046
I will have you know that I am a fervent supporter of Necrovarus.1,045
I don't have time for this nonsense.1,042
My answer is no.1,034
You only just asked me the same thing! Leave me alone - I've had my say!1,007
Sarah Corvo? She lives in the house next to the bank.605
Woooo wooo wooooo woooo339
Suit yourself.274
I'm sorry, but it's hard to believe that a mortal could be interested in helping us.183
We do not talk to the warm-bloods.160
Why did we have to listen to that maniacal priest?158
What do you want, mortal?150
Worship the Ectofuntus all you want, but don't bother us, human.150
This cold wind blows right through you, doesn't it?136
No tokens, no signature.99
I'm sorry, I don't speak Ghost.87
Why are you wearing that bedsheet? If you're trying to pretend to be one of us, you're not fooling anybody - you're not even green!!9
Why are you wearing that sheet, mortal? Cold or something?2