You. Always it's you. Have you any idea how sick I am of you? What have you even got against me?1,975
Oh, will you? The lady talks tough. Let's see how you fare against my best pets!1,547
You really are becoming a headache! Well, at least now you can die knowing you were right, it will save me having to hunt you down like all the other human filth of Gielinor!1,214
Bah! Well, soon you'll see, the gnomes are ready to fight, in three weeks this tree will be dead wood, in ten weeks it will be 30 battleships! Finally we will rid the world of the disease called humanity!1,209
Fool... meet my little friend!1,206
Good work getting them back under control Kruk.1,149
Clearly that last strain of the mutagen was too unstable...1,135
Bah! Never trust a monkey to do a gnome's work.1,132
I guess I'll just have to deal with you two meddling buffoons myself!1,132
Right... I forgot I don't keep you around for your brains.1,130
I'm only using our test subjects at the moment, however, once I've processed the mutagen into an airborne form, I'll be able to unleash it across all of Ape Atoll!1,129
All that we have to do now is wait for the mutagen to infuse power from these charged onyx gems.1,128
Kruk! Where have you been? The experiments have broken out of their cages again, get them back under control before they destroy any more of my work!1,107
Huaarghh! I knew I couldn't rely on these primitive apes, I'll just have to do this myself!1,105
I'm going to find out where Le Smith has disappeared to, I'll let you know when I next require your services. Farewell, Kruk.1,029
Le Smith, set our course for the Grand Tree, let's end this once and for all!1,000
Just focus on piloting the ship! Narnode isn't going to know what's hit him!982
I've been experimenting on those specimens you've been gathering for me.954
I've been trying to find a mutagen stable enough to allow me to have control over the creatures, whilst keeping them aggressive enough to tear apart anything that stands in our way.943
I think I may have finally found the perfect balance, however, I will need time to carry out some final tests.903
Can I help human? Can't you see I'm eating?!702
Surely not!701
I should've known! The humans are going to invade!699
Your type can't be trusted! I'll take care of this! Go back to the King.697
You're a fool human! You have no idea what's going on.674
How dare you accuse me! I'm the head tree guardian!674
Guards! Guards!521
Just die, human!270
You shouldn't be here human!216
The Gnome Stronghold is for gnomes alone!198
We don't need your sort round here!184
Pay attention when I'm talking to you!87
Shut up and die!59
You're becoming quite annoying traveller!46
You look frustrated, human.45
Of course they would. I'm the only one who knows how to do it.43
Let me guess, you need my help...42
Oh... just a measly 200,000 coins. Yes, I think that will do me nicely.40
I am able to remotely reinitialise...39
It will cost you...39
Where are those darn keys?37
It's been a pleasure doing business with you.37
Leave human, before I have you put in the cage!28
I warn you now, human: stay out of my affairs!11
You have no idea human!5
So, you know more than I thought! The gnomes fear humanity more than any other race. I just need to give them a push in the right direction. There's nothing you can do traveller! Leave before it's too late!5
The King's a fool and a coward! He'll bow to me! You'll soon be back in that cage!5
You may have defeated my demon, human, but don't think this is over!3
You don't know how to do that yet!1