My stomach!474
Yes, I think She did this to us. I should have left Her alone. Ithoi told us to beware of this kind of thing.464
Have you tried to destroy Her yet? Her eyes, those terrible eyes!407
Clockwork? Oh, that would explain how it moved. Ahem. Well, I suppose the curse didn't come from Her.368
Let's see what I can find for the boys tonight.358
I was fishing...354
I'll explain... See, I'm the cook, and I have to find the food as well as cooking it...352
It's all my fault, I know it is. I've awoken Her, and now She's done this to us!351
C'mon little lobsters, come to Gnocci!347
She's moving! SHE'S POSSESSED! HELP!342
It's a traditional lobster-fishing chant handed down by my ancestors. Don't interrupt.341
Ooh, what's this? This isn't a lobster.341
Have you solved the curse yet?340
Looks more like a child's toy. But - no, it can't be...340
I buried Her in the sand, by that tree, to the west. But I still feel Her eyes staring into my soul. Please find Her, and kill the demon inside!340
C'mon little lobsters. We don't want to keep the Captain waiting! He'll get angry with me again.338
I hope you can find the real cause soon.297
Obby-lobby obby-lobby oi oi oi!296
Is it moving?276
Hey, don't go blaming the cook just because the curse began after dinner. I didn't even cook that meal. I'd been too scared of the possessed doll...272
It's an easy mistake to make!270
Anyway, Ithoi got sick without even eating it, so it can't be the food.212
Anyway I didn't dare try to fish after that, and Ithoi volunteered to do all the fishing and cooking instead, before he went off for his parlay with Captain Tock.208
Ithoi's been cursed too. You can probably find him in his hut, south-west from here.97
Have you found the source of the curse yet?48
On the beach, to the west of the cove. Near a big tree. I buried Her in the sand, but I can still feel her eyes staring into my soul. Please find Her, and kill the demon inside!27
I hope the Captain doesn't think it was my fault. He can get very angry, you know.25
Yes, he volunteered to do all the fishing and cooking for me, even though he knew he'd miss dinner for his parlay with Captain Tock. Ithoi's a good soul.18
... look, I'm in a lot of pain here. We're not playing Name Your Favourite Body Part.17
I'm really grateful to you for clearing up what Ithoi did to us. The rest of the Corsairs will appreciate my cooking even more now!14
If Ithoi's been afflicted by the curse as badly as I have, he might be half out of his mind with pain. I'm sure he doesn't know what he's saying.13
Can you tell me what's going on now?10
Make sure he gets what's coming to him. No-one poisons my crew!7
I don't see why that's got anything to do with the curse.6
You think you know a guy, and then he does a thing like this! Oh well, I hope I recover soon from whatever he did to me.3