Hello! Don't get in the way around here, we've got a lot of work to do!3,981
Broken something, have you? I'll want 500 coins for a new one. Be careful - my supplies are limited, and if I run out, you'll have to find your own materials elsewhere.1,132
Hmm. That seems a tad unlikely to me, but let's flick the switch here and see, shall we?!1,130
Rantz? *gulp* Well, that would be nice actually! We are having some problems with getting the landing lights to work... do you think you could take a look at them?1,112
I don't believe it - you fixed it! Well done, well done... We can pack up now and leave these ogres in peace.1,109
Ok then, just pop over and let me know if you're not sure what you're doing... I'm sure I'll just have to fix it myself anyway. If you need any materials, just pop over.1,093
I expect that it's far too complex for you, but hey, you may be able to do something!894
Go and take a look at those landing lights and see if you can get them to work, would you? They've been as dull as an ogre conversation since we started working here. 272
Come back and tell me if you actually manage to get them fixed.221
Well, it's quite exciting... we're extending the glider network to include the Feldip Hills so that people can come and look at these curious ogres.123
No, it's all great now that you've fixed the landing lights... I must admit, I was surprised you managed to pull that off.118
Not really, I'm afraid, it's probably all far too technical for someone like you.107
Are you sure you don't have any gnomish ancestors? Your insight into technical things is quite amazing for a human!106
They are impressive creatures aren't they - quite mystified they are by the technology we gnomes have invented.106
Well, people will be able to visit this area, once construction has finished, by using the most advanced network of glider routes in the whole of Gielinor... in fact, the only network of glider routes!90
Oh my! I've had nothing to eat or drink but chompy birds and smelly water for days. Thank you.62
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.62
Apart from fixing those lights, no, I don't think so.56
Okay, I can sell you one for 10 coins.20
Okay, many thanks for your custom.14
No thanks, you've helped enough by fixing those lights!9
I can't give you one then.4
Yes, I expected it might be a bit too complex for you. We Gnomes lead the way with technical things like this - world leaders, you might say.2
So I can't sell you one then!1