Who you?730
Peace is for weak. We goblins! We strong!663
Big High War God say so! He make us strong!660
You weak! You hide instead of fight!359
Big Boss didn' say nuffin 'bout de nomiez havin' monsta tortisses!322
Dey be huges! Tortisses too scary and pointy. We runz away!300
What that got to do with me?45
Me no chef, ask village cook instead.45
Red armour best!27
Brown armour best!24
What you doing here?23
Happy goblin new century!23
Go away smelly human!18
Green armour best.14
I kill you human!13
What you want?10
I kill you!9
He wearing green armour! General Bentnoze tell us wear red!8
Me not sure that allowed. You have to check with generals.8
But General Wartface say we must wear green!7
Goblin century mark year of big battle on plain of mud. That when Big High War God give us commandments.7
No General Wartface is leader!6
You not tell human secrets!6
What you call me?6
Green armour best!5
That General Bentnoze. He live in big hut.5
He say Wartface is leader but real leader is Bentnoze!5
That General Wartface. He live in big hut.4
No General Bentnoze is leader!4
He say Bentnoze is leader but real leader is Wartface!4
It not red, it just red-ish brown!4
General Wartface and General Bentnoze both say it is. And normally they never agree!3
I forgot now, but General Wartface says it is. So it must be.3
Um... my brown armour in the wash.3
Big High War God take goblin people and make them strong! Without him we small and weak and stupid. But thanks to Big High War God we most powerful race in Gielinor!2
Not to doubt word of Big High War God! I kill you!2
Slay enemies of Big High War God! Not show mercy! Not run from battle! Not doubt word of Big High War God!2
Without commandments we not know right from wrong. We be like other races who not know war is good!2
Not you, him!2
Cos General Bentnoze says so, and he bigger than me.2
That goblin secret! No human ever find plain of mud!1
He wearing red armour! General Wartface tell us wear green!1
But General Bentnoze say we must wear red!1