You the human who helped me. Mudknuckles is very grateful, will be famous real soon now. Is just collecting results. And so many results! On walls, on ceiling, everywhere!2,641
I thinking of calling it fast food, 'cos of how fast it goes from raw to burnt, see?2,372
Go away human, me's busy here!2,098
Me's working on new way of cooking. Will be most famous-est goblin cook ever.2,080
Oh, maybe that why Mudknuckles not been shouted at recently.1,141
Is called charcoal. Mudknuckles hear you can get it from shops on Karamja, but the customs officers, they no like goblins any more.1,112
Really? Then no time to lose. Mudknuckles already have everything else. Sulphur 'n stuff.1,064
Must be moving. Follow me.1,061
Bentnoze not like maggots, say they're too bland. Would only eat them if they spicier.1,046
Yes, yes, Mudknuckles very grateful, how can I help?1,043
So that's why Mudknuckles not been shouted at recently. But how can I be helping? Cooking and magic no mix.1,043
Is impossible. Mudknuckles try it before, but their requests, they make no sense.1,039
Well Bentnoze wanted fruit in the dish. But Wartface, only fruit he eat is sliced oranges.1,039
Maybe, but Bentnoze objects to the colour.1,039
Wartface, he want some nice juicy maggots.1,038
Mudknuckles is confused. Ingredients make no sense. But give 'em here and Mudknuckles make what you need.1,036
Humans use them all the time for fishing. Mudknuckles think this a crazy waste of maggots mind, but each to their own.1,034
Bentnoze asked for some bread in the mix.1,028
Yep, Wartface think bread too crunchy. He prefer slimier soggier food, like the maggots.1,028
Yep, 'bout sums it up. Bring 'em all to me and Mudknuckles will make suitable dish.1,028
Hmmm, s'pose me should help. But first Mudknuckles must finish experiment. Unfortunately is missing one vital ingredient.879
Burnt trees, they good too. Smash 'em up with axes. But Mudknuckles only knows of burnt trees in the wilderness, and Mudknuckles too afraid to go there.857
There you go, but don't go blaming Mudknuckles if doesn't work.824
Tried that before, Mudknuckles had some very angry wizards at door after trying to burn staffs to cook on.765
You think so? Everyone else think Mudknuckles crazy. Seem think explosive cooking might be dangerous or summat.244
Got the idea from the dwarves. Saw them playing with something. They called it a malty canned nun or summat. Used lotsa heat and bright light.241
Wouldn't tell Mudknuckles how it worked of course. But I figured it out. Mudknuckles is smarter than them. Now I'm gonna be able to cook better'n anyone. And faster too, yes.221
Can't see why. Not like you gonna get food poisoning. Food is very well cooked.217
Yes, Mudknuckles too busy to talk.120
So maybe some imperfections, but fast food will sell. People buy anything when in hurry, even if does taste like sawdust.71
Well Bentnoze wanted fruit in the dish. But Wartface, only fruit he eat is sliced oranges, and Bentnoze object to the colour of them.37
Wartface think bread too crunchy. He prefer his food to be soggier.18
Highly unlikely, but is best Mudknuckles can come up with am afraid.14
No luck. Will work cos Mudknuckles destined for great things.5
Is ok, Mudknuckles make plenty. Take some more.4
Me's trying to decide whether apron should be red or green. If red, Wartface hit Mudknuckles. If green, Bentnoze kick Mudknuckles. Either way, is not good for Mudknuckles.2
Could yes, but then just get attacked from two directions at once.2