Ah, hello Zanik, hello %USERNAME%. How is the dig going?652
Hmm... that is interesting. What do you think it is?637
Perhaps you could talk to them again. They might know more about weapons than we do.620
No, I'm afraid not. Our written language has developed so much since then that it's totally indecipherable to me.447
Wait a moment. %USERNAME%, didn't you say you talked to some surface goblins when you were trying to find your way through our mines?438
I can see how. I certainly wouldn't want to be hit with it!434
Hmm? Oh, hello, surface-dweller!70
Hello, Zanik. Have you found out about that mace yet?26
I'm writing the definitive history of Dorgesh-Kaan!21
Of course! I've gone through all of my predecessors' notes and compiled the definitive history of the Dorgeshuun! What would you like to hear about?20
Actually, I wonder if you could help me...17
Of course! *Ahem*10
Before Dorgesh-Kaan, the Dorgeshuun lived on the surface with many other goblin tribes. All goblins were ruled over by an evil god whose name has been forgotten.9
The war lasted for thousands of years, and millions of goblins died. Eventually, the evil god sent the Dorgeshuun tribe to fight a battle that they could not win.8
General Bloodfist stood at the mouth of the fissure and defied the might of the evil god.8
Lieutenant Strongaxe, now the leader of the Dorgeshuun, led the tribe deeper into the caves. They found this cavern, and here they founded Dorgesh- Kaan, city of the Dorgeshuun.7
This is the Dorgeshuun Council chamber!6
Whenever a decision needs to be made, the seven members of the Dorgeshuun Council meet here. The last meeting was when they decided to open up the city to surface-dwellers.5
You've talked to the goblins on the surface, haven't you? Do you know the name of the god that the surface goblins worship?5
Ah, thank you.5
In between meetings, I work here writing up the minutes of the meetings and working on the definitive history of Dorgesh-Kaan.5
The gods became bored and decided to make the mortal races fight for their amusement. The goblins were sent to fight in many bloody battles against each other and other races.5
I know the ruler of Lumbridge is called Horacio, but I don't know what his title is. Can you tell me?4
The evil god smote him with a mighty blast that shook the earth, but that blast also closed the fissure, sealing the Dorgeshuun away from the reach of the gods.4
That's a relief! I thought you were some kind of horrible ogre!4
Certainly! *Ahem*4
At first, Dorgesh-Kaan was ruled over by generals, just as the tribe had been when it was on the surface. Each general succeeded the last by defeating him in combat.4
General Bonehelm was driven from the city, but dug his own base out of the caves nearby.4
Tell me again about the surface. You said the cavern ceiling was how high?4
You couldn't see how high the ceiling was because the sky was in the way. I see.4
I'm still having trouble getting my head around this 'surface' idea.4
Oh, no, no, no. I think I'd rather stay here and write about it.4
What species are you, if you don't mind my asking? I know there are many different races living on the surface, but I don't know which one you are.3
A human, hmm? Thank you.3
But General Bonehelm's mining had weakened the stone around his base, and the retreating army's footsteps caused the roof to collapse, crushing his army.3
But General Bloodfist of the Dorgeshuun refused to fight in this battle. Instead, he commanded the Dorgeshuun army to march down into a fissure in the ground.3
The republican faction was larger, but the military faction contained most of the trained warriors and controlled the magical equipment that the tribe had brought from the surface.3
Duke Horacio. Thank you.2
Hmm, I wonder what that stands for?2
So we're monsters, are we? Thanks for telling me!2
I'm writing about the great war between the gods that happened thousands of years ago. Do you know the reason for this war?2
The generals were advised by a council of elders, but the Dorgeshuun were no longer an army, and many of the people felt that the Council should have authority.2
That was the last time one Dorgeshuun has raised arms against another. Since then, the city has been ruled peacefully by an elected council.2
Just as I'd thought. Thank you.1
What's the name of the group of surface-people that tried to destroy Dorgesh-Kaan?1
The people voted to become a republic, but General Bonehelm refused to give up power, and so the Dorgeshuun Civil War began.1
Really? Thank you for the information.1
General Bonehelm's army attacked the city using archers mounted on giant frogs. There was a bloody battle, and General Bonehelm was driven back again into his base.1