Murder is it? Well, I'm not really surprised...1,294
Well, I guess it could have been an intruder, but with that big guard dog of theirs I seriously doubt it. I suspect it was someone closer to home...1,101
Oh, I remember you. You're the one that discovered Lord Sinclair's murderer. Well, I can tell you, strange things are afoot once again.957
Well, you didn't hear it from me, but I've heard the Sinclair family have vamoosed! Just up and left the mansion.948
Of course not! Anna's safely locked in the Seers' Village jail. She'll be going to trial soon, so I've heard.939
Yes, the guards received evidence from one of the family members that conclusively proved Anna did it. All other evidence was thrown out, it was that good.936
Well, it wouldn't be suspicious at all, but King Arthur has also disappeared.930
You didn't hear it from me, but I believe that guard in the garden is also investigating it. He might be able to tell you more.913
Especially as I heard that the poison salesman in the Seers' village made a big sale to one of the family the other day.907
So they arrested her and soon the case will go to court.660
No one has seen him or the knights in quite a while. Quite a coincidence, don't you think?660
I've heard plenty about each of them...but I'll try to keep it as short as I can.410
They've been living very quietly, a nice change from the norm. But almost too quietly. I always thought they'd get into more trouble. No good will come from them, let me tell you!405
Their history? Oh what a lurid tale that is! Why, I could go on for hours.402
Hmph, well, I suppose. What do you want to know?402
The mansion? The mansion is quite new. Originally, the Sinclair family lived in Camelot, although it went under a different name then.388
Well, you should know best... Anna killed her father. Poor man.385
Anna? The guards are keeping her in the jail in the courthouse in Seers' Village. I hear she's been acting like a royal pain.384
Reasoned with? She killed her own father!383
Old Lord Sinclair was a well respected man this side of White Wolf. He was great friends with King Ulthas and did many good works for the kingdom.320
But when King Arthur and his knights appeared, old Lord Sinclair agreed with King Ulthas that the knights had greater need for the castle than the Sinclair family.317
Still, I go and visit her at the Seers' Village courthouse sometimes to try and keep her spirits up.294
His children on the other hand were spoiled and horrid. They cared for no one but themselves and gave themselves such aires. Each had their own vice, but I didn't expect any of them would be driven to murder!291
They felt themselves far better than the knights and felt insulted at having to live in a stuffy mansion.289
I hear she's being so unreasonable that no lawyer in Gielinor will represent her. She's going to get a guilty verdict for sure.287
There's some kind of commotion up at the Sinclair place I hear. Not surprising all things considered.272
So, Lord Sinclair had the mansion built, packed his family up and vacated. His children were furious with him for doing it.267
Well, what do you want to know?107
Hmm, too bad you're not very experienced. I hear there is some more trouble going on up at the Sinclair Mansion.71
Soooooo? What did the guard have to say?40
Old Lord Sinclair was a great man with a lot of respect in these parts. More than his worthless children have anyway.36
Well, this has certainly been exciting! The Sinclairs under house arrest, Morgan Le Faye attempting yet again to interfere with King Arthur and Merlin, and even the Black Knights sticking their noses into it.36
Of course, of course.36
Yes. You could say that. Not that I'm one to gossip.35
Well, I'm not one to gossip, but as it's for your investigation... What would you like to know?35
And I think you've been reading too many cheap detective novels. Hobbes is kind of uptight, but his loyalty to old Lord Sinclair is beyond question.27
Have you spoken to the guard by the mansion? He won't tell me much, he called me a gossip - the nerve - but he might be willing to speak to you.19
His daughters eh? They're all nasty pieces of work. which of them specifically did you want to know about?16
His sons eh? They all have their own skeletons in their cupboards. You'll have to be more specific. Who are you interested in exactly?15
Well, they used to live in the big castle, but old Lord Sinclair gave it up so that those strange knights could live there instead. So the king built him a new house to the North.12
It's more cramped than his old place, but he seemed to like it. His children were furious at him for doing it though!11
Well, I don't know if it's related, but I heard from that Poison Salesman in town that he sold some poison to one of the Sinclair family10
At the Seers' Village courthouse.10
I don't know how much help this is to you but my dad was in the guard once, and he told me that the marks on your hands are totally unique. He called them 'finger prints'.9
He said you can find them easily on any shiny metallic surface by using a fine powder to mark out where the marks are, and then using some sticky paper to lift the print from the object.9
the other day. I don't think he has any stock left now though...8
Well, I don't know how much help this is, but I heard that their guard dog will bark loudly at anyone it doesn't recognise. Maybe you should find out if anyone heard anything suspicious?7
Well, this might be of some help to you. My father was in the guards when he was younger,7
and he always said that there isn't a crime that can't be solved through careful examination of the crime scene and all surrounding areas.7
Bob is an odd character indeed... I'm not one to gossip, but I heard Bob is addicted to Tea. He can't make6
it through the day without having at least 20 cups!6
At one point he stole a lot of silverware from the kitchen and pawned it just so he could afford to buy his daily tea allowance.6
My father used to be in the guard. He always wrote himself notes on a piece of paper so he could keep track of information easily.6
Maybe you should try that? Don't forget to thank me if I help you solve the case!6
Elizabeth? Elizabeth has a strange problem... She cannot help herself, but is always stealing small objects - it's pretty sad that she is rich enough to afford to buy things, but would rather steal them instead.6
Now, I don't want to spread stories, but I heard she even stole a silver needle from her father that had great sentimental value for him.6
He was devastated when it was lost, and cried for a week thinking he had lost it!6
If he ever found out that it was her who had stolen it he would go absolutely mental, maybe even disowning her!6
I bet if you could find a way to get everyone's 'finger prints' you could solve the crime pretty easily!5
You might not think that's such a big thing, but he has spent thousands of gold to feed his habit!5
If his father ever found out, he would be in so much trouble... he might even get disowned!5
Anna... ah yes... Anna has 2 great loves:5
by killing all of the flowers in the garden. If her father ever found out she had done that he would be so furious he would probably disown her.5
I hear you're the defence lawyer for Anna, now.5
I'm the town gossip, I'm supposed to know this stuff. Are you preparing for the trial?5
of beans by telling her they were magic. But they weren't. She sold some rare books from the library to cover her debts, but5
I have my sources. No secret is safe as long as I'm around!4
Well, my father was in the guards and he attended many trials. As a defence lawyer you need to disprove any evidence presented by the prosecution. Disproving it gives reasonable doubt as to whether or not your4
client actually committed the crime.4
Some of it will be the evidence you found: the dagger, the poison and the thread. There was also an eyewitness saying they saw Anna tamper with Lord Sinclair's dinner. Start asking questions about those things and4
see where you get.4
Sewing and gardening. But one thing she has kept secret is that she once had an affair with Stanford the gardener, and tried to get him fired when they broke up,4
Oh Carol... she is such a fool. You didn't hear this from me, but I heard a while ago she was conned out of a lot of money by a travelling salesman who sold her a box full4
her father would be incredibly annoyed if he ever found out - he might even throw her out of the house!4
I'm not one to talk ill of people behind their back, but Frank is a real piece of work. He is an absolutely terrible gambler... he can't pass 2 dogs in the street without putting a bet on which one will bark first!3
He has already squandered all of his allowance, and I heard he had stolen a number of paintings of his fathers to sell to try and cover his debts, but he still owes a lot of3
people a lot of money. If his father ever found out, he would stop his income, and then he would be in serious trouble!3
Hmph. I don't see why I should tell you anything.3
Perhaps if you had been less rude to me, I would have been willing to tell you.3
Vital part, you say? So, I'll get credit for assistance? Well...I do know quite a bit about their history. I suppose I can't hold up an investigation as important as this. What do you want to know?3
Do you have any interesting news?2
Then what are you standing around for!2
David... oh David... not many people know this, but David really has an anger problem. He's always screaming and shouting2
at the household servants when he's angry, and they live in a state of fear, always walking on eggshells around him, but none of them have the courage2
to talk to his father about his behaviour. If they did, Lord Sinclair would almost certainly2
kick him out of the house, as some of the servants have been there longer than he has, and he definitely has no right to treat them like he does... but I'm not one to gossip about people.2
Ah, too bad. I'll have to get news from my other sources.1