How much do want for each one?296
Mmm, that smells good... What is it?194
That smells nice; what is it?191
Oh, I think I've heard people talking about that.182
So what's that then?178
Eww, what's that?167
Yuck, that looks horrid. What is it?154
Didn't I just buy some food from you? I need to shop for something else!116
Oh, of course. I've had that occasionally.108
Ooh, a surface-dweller! Have you got any exotic surface foods to sell?106
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take two!98
Hmm, okay. I'll buy one.70
Ooh, I've never had that before. How exciting!67
Hmm...if you're selling them that cheaply there must be something wrong with them. I think I'll pass.35
All kinds! I don't want to keep eating the same food, even if I like it. I want to try new tastes!29
That's fair. I'll take one.29
Why not try something on me and see if I like it?28
Splendid! Show me what you've got!23
Since I'm trying some of your food, why don't you try some of my cave eel sushi?15
Don't be absurd - it's clearly not worth that!14
That's a bit much for me.12
Here, have some of my sauteed mushrooms as well!12
Hey, why don't you try these grubs a la mode? I made them myself!8
Surface-dweller, you shall have the honour of tasting my fabulous steamed pond loach!7
That sounds like a good deal to me. I'll take three!6
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take four!6
Well, I'll take what you have then.6
I tell you what, I'll also give you some of these cave crawler fillets that I made!5
A pity. Dorgeshuun food seems so dull now I've tasted surface food.4
Why don't you try some Dorgeshuun cuisine, surface- dweller? Here's one of my famous roast frogs!4
That's all very well, but do you have anything edible?2
That sounds like a great deal to me. I'll take five!2
What's the point of selling me Dorgeshuun foods? I want to experience exotic surface cuisine!1