The morsel is back. Does it have our tooth for us?1,246
That'll annoy Gorad lots! Heheheheh! Here's a token of my gratitude: some old gem I stole from Gorad, and an old part of a statue.1,116
What do you want, little morsel? You would look good on my plate!1,086
Hah! I should eat you instead!1,084
Well, well, perhaps the morsel can help after all...1,067
What can a morsel like you do for me?1,066
If you t'ink you're tough, find Gorad, my enemy to the south-east, and knock one of his teeth out! Heheheheh!790
Morsel, you dare to return without the tooth! Either you are stoopid, or wants to be eaten!111
What are you doing here, morsel?91
I have nothing left for you but the cooking pot!25
How dare you lie to me morsel! I will grind you up for my bread!15
That's not tricky - guards!7
I suppose you want another? I suppose just this once I could give you my copy...6
You lie to me, morsel!6
You probably got it stored somewhere, morsel! Humans do that a lot.4
That'll annoy Gorad lots! Now free up some more space so I can give you something.1