O 'ello what's we gots 'ere?1,162
We knows lots about rat splattering.909
Set's em a task and we'll sees.901
Ha! Everyone knowses only dogsies does trickses.900
What's up with them?738
What a slack jawed mindless creature.736
Ha! We were only playing with you.733
There's not much we can teach you here.732
Will we tell him about Jimmy and the rat pits?728
You gots all de dead ratsies with you.727
Go on, go on, tell them about Jimmy, go on.727
Ha! Ha, ha, ....ha .......ha.727
Here have's a rat pole.726
You can stick the ratsies your fuzzy catches onto it.724
Has dey caught de ratsies?245
8 ratsies. An' your fuzzy 'as to catch them. Any you gets don't count.181
I's bored wit dis chaterboxing, let's splat some more ratsies.149
I 'ears ya. Bet's ya I'll squash more ratsies dan you....119
What's you want?86
Eh? Would you credit da.80
I don't know it's why I is asking 'em.73
Ya good plan.71
It's %USERNAME% again init?49
%USERNAME% has come back again.43
Ya it is.40
Ha! Ha!39
Nah that won't do. How do we know you didn't buy it?27
Set's em a task and then we'll sees.27
'Ees in Ardougne. In ee?20
Tell 'im we said 'ello. Will ye? She then breaks out in a burst of girly giggles.19
Wha? No fuzzy, bah!16
Ya, lets splats, and squasherise so...16
Here you go.7
Stick the ratsies your fuzzy catches onto it.5
Hey features? Where is she?3
She's travels about a bit, but I reckon Port Sarim.2
Da big ugly! Ha that's a good one. 'E is big n ugly though isn't e, serve him right for all the fights e get's in.1
Da big ugly's ere in Vu'rock.1
Ha! I nose the truth when I 'ears it! Get it? Get it? Nose the truth?1