Human? Human come to Grimgnash? Grimgnash pleased! Grimgnash hungry!481
What human come for then? Grimgnash tired and hungry. Be quick, human. Answer Grimgnash before Grimgnash eats your legs!475
Hmm. When Grimgnash little grifflet, Grimgnash's mother-griff used to tell bedtime story to Grimgnash. That always help Grimgnash sleep.430
Yes! Grimgnash like stories!427
Good. Grimgnash like stories. Lots of death and fire and destruction! Grimgnash ready!419
And make story good. Otherwise, if no sleep, Grimgnash more hungry!416
Graveyard is good place for story. Is undeads all horrible and ugly?413
Grimgnash like this story. Go on. Go on.411
Hah! Human hears right about Grimgnash! Grimgnash great and mighty griffin!407
Oh yes! Skullrot. That great name! Grimgnash like that name. Maybe Grimgnash call himself Grimgnash Skullrotter? What human think?390
Yes. Grimgnash Skullrotter. Grimgnash like that very much. What happens next? This good story...for human.383
Yes, insane! Grimgnash like that word! Grimgnash mother always say Grimgnash's daddy insane. Grimgnash's daddy eat own claws. Grimgnash laughed.377
Grimgnash not like gnomes. They stringy and chewy and they not have much meat for Grimgnash's belly.375
Yes! Grimgnash liking this story now! Go on!374
Raahahaha! Stupid gnome! Serves gnome right for being stringy and chewy! What happen next?360
Grimgnash not care what gnome's name is. Grimgnash not give food names. Does human call a carrot Jasper or something? Tell rest of story!359
Now what human want? Grimgnash tired and can't sleep. Wolves make awful howling racket. Keep Grimgnash up all night.355
Grargh! What? What? What little gnome see? He must not escape! Grimgnash hungry to think of it!355
Grmmm. Good. Grimgnash getting sleepy...(yawn).355
Ohhh! This getting good! Grimgnash like this. (Yawn!) Grimgnash feels sleepy.353
Grahh! What human doing? Why human here? Grimgnash hungry!167
What happened? Human tell Grimgnash!108
What you want, little human? Grimgnash hungry. Want tasty morsel like you!38
I Grimgnash and I hungry! Perhaps I eat you!37
Human lucky Grimgnash too tired to hunt for food. Stupid wolves keep Grimgnash awake with howling. Grimgnash can't sleep.37
Human toothpick dares to approach Grimgnash again after what human just say? Why human disturb Grimgnash? Human have death wish?33
Human help Grimgnash sleep? This good. Grimgnash let human help.33
Grimgnash's feather? Human come to steal feather? How dare human! Puny, scrawny little morsel! Grimgnash should eat human where human stands!23
What Skullrot angry about?16
A headache? That daft idea. Skeletons have nothing in head to ache. Grimgnash think human is making story up. Not real story like mother-griff used to tell.16
Grimgnash just eat human instead!15
Grimgnash? That Grimgnash's name! Not stupid skeleton's name! How skeleton have Grimgnash's name?12
Quests? Quests? Human morsel wants a quest from Grimgnash? Human think Grimgnash is drunken dwarf or lazy ork? Grimgnash not gives quests!10
Grimgnash tired and hungry and will eat little bite-size human!10
Gaah! This sound like boring story! Maybe Grimgnash eat you instead, yes?8
Ah! Grimgnash likes gnome stew. Just like Grimgnash used to eat at home. Mmmm!6
Gnome gets away? What kind of story that? Grimgnash think he eat human now!6
Sad? Why he sad?5
What human mean, dead? How Skullrot dead if he alive and walking around? That stupid!5
Boney? That stupid name for skeleton. Of course he boney. Human think Grimgnash stupid? Human make fun of Grimgnash? Grimgnash think human look better in Grimgnash's belly!5
Graah! That good stor...wait. What happen to gnome?5
What?! Little bite-size gnome runs away? That not good ending! Gnome should be mashed by something like...something like Grimgnash! Stupid human get eaten now!5
Now human call Grimgnash stupid? Human is stupid! Human is tasty morsel! Grimgnash likes tasty morsels!4
Gnome gets away? What kind of story that? Stupid human make Grimgnash more hungry!4
Why Skullrot happy?3
Because he dead? That stupid. How someone happy if they dead? Stupid human tell stupid story! Raaargh!3
Urgh! Grimgnash hate princesses. They bones and no meat. Need eating more, Grimgnash thinks. Speak of eating, Grimgnash maybe eat you instead of story!2
What?! Gnome snack gets away? That stupid. That not good story! Grimgnash only feel more hungry now!2
What kind of name Harry for skeleton? That stupid name. How many skeletons called Harry you meet?2
Grimgnash think Grimgnash just eat you instead of story!2
Stringy gnome gets away? Stupid human make Grimgnash more hungry with story like that!2
Bunnies? Bunnies!? Grimgnash hate this story! This story smell worse than Grimgnash's feet. Stupid human tell awful story! Make Grimgnash more hungry than ever!2
Grargk! Grimgnash not care for stupid human things! Grimgnash hungry!1