You'll have various guard related duties on various shifts. I'll assign specific duties as they are required as and when they become necessary. Just so you know, if anything happens to me1,359
you'll need to take over as head guard here. You'll find important keys to the treasure room and Pete's quarters inside my jacket - although I doubt anything bad's going to happen to1,207
Hmm. Well, you could find out what this key opens for me. Apparently it's for something in this building, but for the life of me I can't find what.999
me anytime soon!934
Ah good, at last. You took your time getting here! Now let me see...569
I'll get your hours and duty roster sorted out in a while. Oh, and do you have your I.D. papers with you? Internal security is almost as important as external security for a guard.488
Well, I might post you outside it sometimes. I prefer to be the only one allowed inside however.296
There's some pretty valuable artefacts in there! Those keys stay ONLY with the head guard and Scarface Pete.254
Yeah, I'll give you time to settle in. Better get a good nights sleep, I expect you to report for duty at oh five hundred hours tomorrow on the dot!206
Can't think of anything right now.127