Hey yous creature...wha's you's doing here? Yous be cleverer to be running so da sickies from da zogres don't dead ya.1,195
Yes creatures...yous does good fings for Grish and learn why Zogries at Jiggig and den get da Zogries back in da ground.1,114
Is what Grish says! But dis is da biggy danger fing yous creatures...yous be geddin' sickies most surely...yous needs be ready..wiv da foodies un da glug-glugs.1,102
Yea creatures, yous just say what Grish says...not know own wordies creature?1,102
Is yous creatures really, really sure yous wanna do dis creatures..we's got no glug-glugs for da sickies? We's knows nuffin for da going of da sickies?1,097
Hey, you's creature got da old fings?1,092
Dats da good fing yous creature...yous does Grish a good fing. But yous know dat yous get sickies and mebe get dead!1,089
Dat is da goodly fing yous creature, now's we's can make da new Jiggig place away from zogries! Yous been da big helpy fing yous creature, Grish wishin' yous good stuff for da next fings for creature.1,088
Yous creatures is alus says funny stuff...speaks proper like Grish!1,087
Yous creature dun da fing yet? Da zogries going in da ground?1,087
Der's yous go creatures...da best me's do for yous...and be back wivout da sickies.1,079
Yous creature got da old fings yet?1,014
Where is da creature? Me's wants to squeeze him till he's a deadun...1,002
Dat is da bad fing creature...we's needs new Jiggig for da fallin' down jig.996
Urghhh...not good fing creature, yous gotta get da ogrish old fings for da making new jiggig special. You's creature needs da key for getting in da low bury place.995
Yeah creature, yous gotta get da ogrish old fings for da making new jiggig and proper in da special way.987
De're yous is makin' da bigga stabber chucker...982
Why you's not say so's shows you how to make da bigger stabber chucker... ~ Grish gets a couple of items out of his back pack.~981
Uhggh, whas you's sayin' creature? Yous speakies too stupid for Grish...980
~ Grish seems very pleased about the return of the artefacts. ~891
Da zogries comin wiv da sickies...yous get bashed by da zogries and get da sickies...den you gonna be like da zogries.678
Da sickies is when yous creature goes like orange till green and then goes 'Urggghhhh!' ~ Grish imitates falling down with only the white of his eyes visible. ~675
Da Zogres are da bigun nasties wiv da sickies, deys old pals of Grish but deys jig in Jiggig when dey's full home is deep in da dirt, dey's is not da same dead'uns like was before.626
Dem zogries commin from da under dirt and us is lost for da Jiggie jig place.496
Did yous creature makes da sickies glug glug and putin some wiv Uglug for bright pretties? He's goodun for makin' da glug glugs...yous maken da glug-glug, den sellin' one for Uglug, he's makin' more of da sickies glug273
glug and sellin' for bright pretties to yous creature...247
Hey yous creatures da good un...238
Oh yes creatures...what's other fings yous wanna know?187
Yous creature jus makin da bigga stabber chucker like Grish shows you...65
Yous creature dun da fing yet? Da zogries going in da dirt full home?65
Me's know's about Rantz, he's da biggun chompy hunter..he finks...ha ha ha!54
He's da bad shot chompy sticker, no good at sneaky, sneaky part, he's more gooder at da 'noisy, noisy miss da chompy', ha ha ha! 53
He's been leaving Gu 'Noth 'cos dey's peoples is da big stressy dere? All da ogries is busying all da time...not doin' no good for da healfy fing. Rantz is da brave-un tho! He's got da big secret fing for leaving Gu' Noth47
but me's not knowin it. But maybe's he's just want's to be da better chompy sticker?45
Dat's da good fing creature, yous do good fing to give un to Uglug...he gives bright pretties for da sickies glug glug..43
Yous creature won'ts see muchly in dis place...just da zogries coming wiv da sickies.39
Sorry, yous creatures, but yous is too green behind da ears for dis job Grish finks.36
It's da place where da Jiggig is done...we's jig at Jiggig...35
All da zogries stayin' in da oldie Jiggig, we's gonna do da new Jiggig someways else. Yous creature da good- un for geddin' da oldie fings...35
Yes you are!34
Yous gets 'em quick tho, cos we'ze wonna do da new Jiggig place...29
Yes you are and that's final!23
Dey's is da big crazy one's! Dey's biggest angries wiv fings and wanna dead all fings...dey's gotten da biggies wizzy stuff...and dey's wanna eat yous creatures...Grish, not do dat...19
Grish not say dat! Me's want's tasty looking creatures for's looks like da sickies chompy...not good for da gutsies...19
Yous creature is not a stoopid one...stays out of dere, like clever Grish. Yous can paint circles on chest and be da Shaman too!18
But it's da big laffsies when it's facey goes to whiteness....ha ha ha!16
Yous stupid creatures....luckily Grish has 'nother one..14
Hey yous creature's come back den?12
Yous creatures doesn't loosing this ones.9
Whas you's shuvvin wizzy stuff in Grish a pretty one but dat's more stuff for da wizzy's dan Grish.8
Yous creatures does da good fings for Grish and learn why Zogries at Jiggig and den get da Zogries back in da ground.2
Yea creatures, you's just say what Grish says...not know own wordies creature?2
Dat's der wizzy stuff, not Ogery stuffsies like what Grish got. Das not even big enough for empty da big blower on! No use for Grish dat's keeps it.2
Das a good drinker for da drinkies dat un a small-un for Grish so yous creature keeps it yes. Yous creature keeps da fimble drinkers for da smaller drinkies.2
Yous creatures get dem for me soon doh, yes?1
Yous creatures doesn't loosing this ones else yous gets da bash from Grish!1