What do you think?3,035
Yes General Wartface sir?2,395
She is goblin!400
Last night I have dream. I see this new goblin come into village, holding up holy mace.390
That what I see in dream. It her destiny.386
She is goblin. And she more than that...359
All goblins gather around her. Not just from village, from all over world. She is Chosen Commander!348
But me not say anything!79
Grubfoot wear red armour! Grubfoot wear green armour!72
Shut up generals!63
Why they not make up their minds?48
Me lonely.36
Me wish generals wouldn't tell me to shut up.35
Me wish me weren't so small. Other goblins all pick on me and make me do all hard work for generals.35
Don't talk to me!33
Me not like this orange armour. Make me look like that thing.32
Grubfoot do this! Grubfoot do that! They always want different things and they never satisfied!29
Me not like this blue colour.29
Other goblins in village follow either General Wartface or General Bentnoze. Me try to follow both but then me get left out of both groups.25
Me not allowed to talk. Generals will tell me to shut up whenever I talk.22
That fruit thing. The one that orange. What it called?22
That right. This armour make me look same colour as orange-fruit.21
Sometimes they tell me to shut up when me not even say anything!20
Me not know. It just make me feel...18
Makes me feel kind of sad.15