Welcome! Would you like to go into the Dig Site archaeology cleaning area?3,425
Hey! Ordinary members aren't allowed here!2,449
I suppose I might as well let you pass now, since I can't seem to stop you anyway.2,440
Hey! Where do you think you're going?2,414
Just remember that I'm watching you.2,273
Oh no! Goblins!2,268
Hey! What are you--1,912
Go, outerlander, and do not hurry back.1,852
Go back upstairs and I'll say nothing about it. But if any of the other guards see you you're in big trouble!1,673
Any luck getting into the mansion? Did you get some evidence?1,590
Halt. I need to conduct a search on you. There have been reports of someone bringing a virus into this area of Varrock.1,307
You may now pass.1,289
You stay right there, outerlander.1,206
Hey, that Barrel looks heavy, do you need a hand?1,170
Look around and investigate who might be responsible. The Sarge said every murder leaves clues to who done it, but frankly we're out of our depth here.1,154
Yeah, what do you want?1,138
Oh, it's terrible! Lord Sinclair has been murdered and we don't have any clues as to who or why. We're totally baffled!1,135
Thanks a lot!1,120
Oh, you want to work in another area of the mine eh? --The guard seems pleased with his rhetorical question.-- Well, I can understand that! A change is as good as a rest they say.1,114
Blimey! This is heavy!1,104
Hey! You there!1,104
I could have sworn I heard something!1,102
Got you, you spy!1,097
Of course I'm right. And what goes around comes around as they say. And it's been absolutely ages since I've had anything different to eat.1,094
I'm sure you get my meaning...1,094
You do? That's excellent work. Lets hear it then.1,091
Hmmm? Really? Why not?1,091
Yes, that makes sense. But who did do it then?1,090
Yes, I'd have to agree with that... but we need more evidence!1,089
Excellent work - have you considered a career as a detective? But I'm afraid it's still not quite enough...1,089
Please accept this reward from the family!1,087
Oh, there's no one operating the lift up top, hope this barrel isn't urgent? You'd better get back to work!1,086
Great! Just what I've been looking for! Mmmmmmm... Delicious!! This is soo nice! Mmmmm, *SLURP* Yummmm... Oh yes, this is great.1,044
Okay, good then. And remember, I prefer my pineapples whole, not chopped up with all the juice gone.1,022
Yes, yes, of course... a deal's a deal!1,018
If you can help us we will be very grateful.942
What do you have there, outerlander? It's not our rock, is it?929
~ The guard looks around, surprised at Ana's outburst. ~ What was that?924
What was that you said?909
Oh, right, how very nice of you to say so. -- The guard seems flattered. --908
Hello down there! Are you all right?893
Good day, %USERNAME%. I'm afraid we meet under strange circumstances again.887
Finally, that man serves a purpose. I'm glad to have your help. I'm baffled again and my hands are tied.883
The Sinclairs have disappeared, though I'm not sorry to see them go, but what worries me is the disappearance of King Arthur and his knights around the same time.878
No, there's no evidence to suggest that. It never sat well with the Sinclair children when their old man gave the castle to King Arthur and875
Alright, you be on your way then.871
That's the problem. The Seers' Village council has forbidden the guards from breaking into Camelot or the Sinclair Mansion for further investigation.871
Exactly! I'm sure you'll manage to find a way into the house.869
What I wouldn't give for some whole, fresh, ripe and juicy pineapple for a change. And those Tenti's have the best pineapple in this entire area.869
Halt! Who goes there?861
Anyway, let's get this barrel up to the surface, plenty more work for you to do!859
You're the Regent? Well, I didn't vote for you.859
I'm afraid the King won't give an audience to anyone except a worthy hero.846
Actually his juggling was quite funny. Shame about the accident though.842
Let's have a look, then.821
Then you may pass.800
I said stay there, outerlander! You're not welcome in our camp.784
You have our gratitude, and I'm sure the rest of the family's as well, in helping to apprehend the murderer. I'll just take the evidence from you now.767
I'm up here, above this hole.720
moved the family to this mansion. I suspect the murder of old Sinclair was just the first step in a deeper plot to retake their 'birthright'.616
They claim it's a breach of privacy or something like that. My suspicions mean nothing without proof to back them up, but I can't get proof without losing my job.612
Try not to be eaten by monsters.610
All right, your Highness, you're free to go down there.600
Hmm... all seems to be in order.596
Sorry, sir, nobody's allowed down there by order of the King.594
I've thrown down a rope - you sounded like you were trapped in there.569
A form? What does this prove?531
Aha! They've gone to the desert. They're meeting up with a camel.523
Please don't disturb me, I've got to keep any eye out for suspicious individuals.497
Hmm, this armour resembles Black Knight armour. The only Black Knights on this side of White Wolf Mountain are those that work for Morgan Le Faye.488
Oh the Seers' Village council convenes in a month or so, I'll present it then. No doubt they'll want a few days to review the evidence.474
I have to follow procedure, my hands are tied.464
How did you get down here?!457
What are you doing here!?455
Well, often the best historians are the town gossips. I'd start there. Good luck, brave adventurer!450
Now now. Come along quietly. There'll be no revenge where YOU'RE going - Port Sarim Jail.447
Sorry, mister 'Regent', nobody can go into the dungeons without the King's say-so.443
Rules are rules. No one enters until the criminals are gone.437
This is %FREMENNIK_NAME%, your majesty.430
Oh, right. Well, it connects them to King Arthur, but it doesn't prove that they had any bad intent towards him. For all we know they were going to a party.417
We don't have many murders here in Gielinor and I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to solve it by ourselves. We will hold him here under house arrest until such time as we bring him to trial.404
Thank you, %USERNAME%. We have all the proof we need to present to the Seers' Village council that something suspicious is going on.386
Mind your tongue human. Our great city may be lost to us but that doesn't give you an excuse to talk like that.383
Ah! Of course. Unfortunately, they filled in all of the form except where their new address is.382
Oh right! With this evidence and the note you brought me, we know they had intentions to do harm to King Arthur.380
They'll review the evidence and hopefully give me permission to take a team to Camelot. It shouldn't be too difficult to get to the bottom of this.379
We'll go sometime after that...if none of the other guards are on holiday. There are only four of us, ya know.373
Hey! Get away from that door!360
However, were a rogue adventurer to take the matter in to their own hands...355
Oi, what are you two doing?351
Well, if I were him, I would learn as much as I can about the Sinclair family history.315
Welcome back, Your Royal Highness.315
Halt! The city is on lockdown until the rebel elves are dealt with.299
Sorry, madam, nobody's allowed down there by order of the King.295
Sorry, you can't come in here unless you've completed the Dig Site quest.294
Our camp, outerlander, and we don't want any trouble there.278
We don't have many murders here in Gielinor and I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to solve it by ourselves. We will hold her here under house arrest until such time as we bring her to trial.266
I'm afraid not. The city is on lockdown until the rebel elves are dealt with.262
Hey you, move away from there!262
Ordinary members aren't allowed down here! You should get back upstairs.236
Hey, they're interesting clothes!232
You're no slave.232
Hmm... it all seems to be in order.226
I'm surprised you managed to get out of there without breaking any bones.206
Sorry, miss 'Regent', nobody can go into the dungeons without the King's say-so.203
Yes. There's no doubt about it. It must have been Bob who killed his father. All of the guards must congratulate you on your excellent work in helping us to solve this case.201
Still, I can't let you go back down there until the Queen says it's safe.184
Yes. There's no doubt about it. It must have been Anna who killed her father. All of the guards must congratulate you on your excellent work in helping us to solve this case.183
Yes. There's no doubt about it. It must have been Elizabeth who killed her father. All of the guards must congratulate you on your excellent work in helping us to solve this case.182
Yes. There's no doubt about it. It must have been David who killed his father. All of the guards must congratulate you on your excellent work in helping us to solve this case.179
Yes. There's no doubt about it. It must have been Carol who killed her father. All of the guards must congratulate you on your excellent work in helping us to solve this case.175
Halt! Are you here to sabotage the Motherlode Mine?175
Yes. There's no doubt about it. It must have been Frank who killed his father. All of the guards must congratulate you on your excellent work in helping us to solve this case.168
Hold up there, workman coming through! You'll have to wait a moment; don't want to fall into that wheelbarrow!158
Well, if I were her, I would learn as much as I can about the Sinclair family history.141
Ah! Of course. And we know where they've gone because of the note about the camel.136
HALT! Who goes there?134
We don't have many murders here in Gielinor, and I'm afraid we wouldn't have been able to solve it by ourselves. We will hold her here under house arrest until such time as we bring her to trial.134
What are you doing in here?130
This is %FREMENNIK_NAME% your majesty.125
Ordinary members aren't allowed in this area. Get back to the cave above.113
... I'm impressed. How on earth did you think of something like that? I've never heard of such a technique for finding criminals before!113
You won't be needing that water anymore!112
This will come in very handy in the future but we can't arrest someone on just this. I'm afraid you'll still need to find more evidence before we can close this case completely.103
That's true, but we don't know that the Sinclairs have actually gone to Camelot. For all we know the knights were there just for social reasons.99
What do you want - leave us be!97
Oh right! With this evidence and the armour you brought me, we know they had intentions to do harm to King Arthur.95
Move along now, we've had enough of your sort!94
Welcome, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.93
That's some good work there. I guess it wasn't a servant. You still haven't proved who did do it though.89
Welcome to the Seers' Village courthouse. Court is not in session today, so you're not allowed downstairs.87
This is a restricted area. You can only enter under the authority of King Lathas.86
Hey, move away from the gate. If you wanna get out you're gonna have to mine for it. You're gonna have to bring me 15 loads of rocks in one go!82
You may pass freely.80
Ow! That really hurt!77
Ssshhh! What do you want?75
Well, it's all very mysterious. Mary, the maid, found the body in the study next to his bedroom on the east wing of the ground floor.74
And then I'll let you out. You can go back to work with the other slaves then!73
Hey! What are you doing here? Get out!72
I'm trying to observe a suspect. Leave me alone!72
Take that you infidel!71
Watch what you're doing with that axe, you nit!67
Welcome back, Sir.67
Ok, fair enough, I was only offering.66
The door was found locked from the inside, and he seemed to have been stabbed, but there was an odd smell in the room. Frankly, I'm stumped.64
Don't draw attention to me!64
You'll blow my cover! I'm meant to be hidden!63
Excellent work on solving the murder! All of the guards I know are very impressed, and don't worry, we have the murderer under guard until they can be taken to trial.62
Guards!! Guards!60
Let's see how good you are with Desert Survival techniques.60
Don't press your luck, outerlander.60
Oh really? How did you get that?58
Hmm. That's some good detective work there. We need more evidence before we can close the case though. Keep up the good work!58
Welcome, adventurer.56
Well, that's not my problem is it? Also, I know that you slaves trade your items down here. I'm sure that if you're resourceful enough, you'll come up with the goods.56
Mighty? You look like another of those silly adventurers who thinks they're the bee's knees just because they've done a few lousy quests!54
I'll have you know it's a very important job guarding this jail!54
Yes, that's right.54
Really? Where?54
Well hello brave warrior. These ogres have been terrorising the area, they've eaten four children this week alone.53
We're sick of having to kill every lunatic that comes along and insults the captain, it makes such a mess. Thankfully, he's a bit decrepit so he doesn't notice so please, buzz off and don't come here again.53
Now, get along and do some work, before we're both in for it. And remember, I prefer my pineapples whole, not chopped up with all the juice gone.52
Hey - gerroff me!52
So we decided to use them for target practice. A fair punishment.51
Well! You don't come from around here do you? The Tenti's are the nomadic people west of here. They live in tents, so we call them the Tenti's. They have great pineapples! I'm sure you get my meaning?49
No, outerlander, I'm guarding this mountain pass from trolls and inquisitive people like you.48
If anyone comes sneaking in here to mess around with the prisoners, the lads downstairs will make mincemeat of them, and I'll be here to pick them off if they try to escape.47
Hey, you there!46
You're in some serious trouble now!46
Hey, how did you get here?45
That Sinclair woman is such a pain! She keeps demanding gourmet meals and ridiculous things like silk sheets.44
But you shouldn't be here - be off with you!44
Will you stop that?44
Guards! Guards!43
If the chieftain would let me, I would correct that oversight.43
Okay, okay, come on out.41
Okay, you've got all the rocks, you can go now, but keep your nose clean in future.41
Hadn't you heard? You'd better go and talk to the other guard, the one by the bank door. He'll tell you all about it.40
Mother said to join the guards, see the world! What do I end up doing? Guarding some stuck-up brat in a backwater village full of hippies.39
Go ahead. It means she won't be demanding things from me.38
If the King came and told me, then I'd believe it.38
Or, if he can't come here himself, I suppose a royal proclamation would be fine.37
No, just his signature and a statement saying you're really the Regent would do.37
Prospector Percy discovered unusual mineral veins in this cave. Now he's built a machine to let us extract useful ores.37
The Sinclairs are under house arrest for crimes against a crown, and it's all thanks to you.36
Percy calls it the Motherlode. I don't know why, and I'm not asking - that's between him and his mother.36
Go on, ask him what's wrong with the bank wall. He loves when people ask him that.36
The Seers' Village courthouse. We give all criminals a fair trial, by a jury of their peers. Or whoever we can round up from the pub.35
I don't see why not.35
Dwarves don't normally let humans claim areas of the mine like this, but Percy's machine is really useful, so we struck a deal.34
The area under the palace is going to be excavated soon, and I'm guarding the entrance to it.33
Of course not!33
Welcome back, Madam.33
That's a relief. Have a nice day.33
Feel free to come in and see the highlight of our culture, outerlander.32
If you become a member of the Heroes' Guild, he will definitely grant you an audience.32
There is nothing for you here, outerlander.31
There's not even a rope to let you down there. You'd break both your legs if you tried it.30
What? I can see you!29
So who am I talking to?29
But... but... you're standing right there...29
I'd ask you not to.29
Find out all you can about the Sinclair family history. I'm sure there is a clue or two there.27
I heard that! So you used a key did you?!26
Right, we'll have that key off you!26
That pineapple was just delicious, many thanks. I don't suppose you could get me another? -- The guard looks at you pleadingly.26
Don't distract me while I'm on duty! This mine has to be protected!26
Nothing right now, we have it all under control.25
Sorry, you can't come in here.24
Ah, this is a strange ritual that has been going on for generations.24
One of our clan stands on this tower and shouts insults at the other side.23
He suggested stopping it, but there was resistance from the rest of the village. We find it therapeutic.22
Halt, in the name of King Gjuki Sorvott IV.22
Huh? I don't need that.22
I know. We guards usually stay by banks and shops, but I got sent all the way out here to keep an eye on the brigands loitering just south of here.22
Alright, alright, I was only asking!21
Hello. I haven't seen you around here before. If you've come to admire The Carnillean family home I must warn you not to cause any trouble.21
Goblins! They wander everywhere, attacking anyone they think is small enough to be an easy victim. We need more cannons to fight them off properly.21
Greetings, traveller. Enjoy your time at the Ranging Guild.20
Hey, move away from the gate. There's nothing interesting for you here.20
Glad to hear it. Let's keep it that way, hmmm?19
It's not too bad. At least I don't get attacked so often out here. Guards in the cities get killed all the time.19
Due to recent criminal activities against such a prominent member of Ardougnian politics I have been sent here on special guard duty to ensure the Carnilleans' security.18
Anyone caught interfering with the person or possessions of any Carnilleans will be taken to Jail so quickly their feet won't touch the floor!18
Hello soldier.18
Yes, what do you want?17
You're free to go into the dungeons, your Highness.17
Hey, what are you doing? You can't go in there.16
In this day and age we're all soldiers. No time to waste gassing, Fight! Fight! Fight!16
You miserable whelp! Get back to work!15
Ha, ha, ha. That's a good one. Whoo, I needed a laugh.15
Still, the Queen says it should be safe, and I'm to let you go back down if you want.14
Hey, you'd better go and operate that lift yourself if you want that big heavy barrel to go anywhere.14
I heard that! So you managed to sneak in did you!14
A new cannon can cost 750,000 coins, and the ammo isn't easy to get, but they do up to 30 hitpoints of damage with each shot. When you've got an important mine like this one to protect, it's worth the expense.14
Hey, where d'ya think you're going with that Barrel?13
Cor! This barrel is really heavy! Have you been mining lead?13
Har, har har!13
What was that!13
But the proof against her is conclusive. Someone saw her tamper with Sinclair's dinner!13
This is a sad, sad day. I can't stop you from doing it, but I wish with all my heart you wouldn't. You'll be aiding a murderer.13
Sorry - workman's entrance only. Go around to the front of the Museum to get in.13
Don't you try anything, surface-dweller. I'm keeping an eye on you.13
Have a nice day!13
No, your work here is done.12
Well... I guess that's okay, get on your way though.12
You're welcome. Now please let me get on with my guard duties.12
Run along then. If I catch you again you're in trouble!12
Move along now...11
Welcome, surface-dweller, to the hidden city of Dorgesh-Kaan!11
Yes, that's right. We're keeping the suspect under tight observation for the moment.11
I'm not meant to discuss the case. You know what confidentiality rules are like.11
That's very kind of you. I'd rather like a nice bowl of stew, if you could fetch me one. I don't get many meal breaks.10
If you wouldn't mind...10
Hey! What's going on here then?10
Surface-dweller! I don't know how you got into the city, but you will never escape!10
You are. I just wanted to say that. And now that you're allowed into the city, I'll never be able to!10
Are you mad effendi? This is your last chance! Leave now and never come back or I'll introduce you to my friend.10
And we'll be pleased to clean the mess up after you've been dispatched.10
I heard you say something, now spit it out!9
Really? That was quick work! Who?9
Prepare to die effendi!8
Well well well... if it isn't our very own local hero. Good to see you managed to clear your name I always had faith in you!8
What are you looking at?7
Why the demoninikin are you waving THAT at me?7
I don't want to be unfriendly, but I can't help noticing that since surface-dwellers started coming into the city there has been an increase in CRIME!7
Wait a minute! You can't go down there.7
Yes, and I'm surprised you managed to get out of there without breaking any bones.7
Oh, its you again.7
Gosh, that's very kind of you! Here, have a few coins for your trouble...6
Oh, these store rooms house all the worldly belongings the members gave up when they joined the group. Some of them are quite valuable.6
Don't worry, they're quite safe here! We keep the keys to the chests on us. We put this wealth to good use in our fight against the monsters.6
I'd be doing a lot better if nits like you didn't come crowding around me all day!6
Hey there, what do you want?6
What's that you have there?5
Of course not, you'd be doing me out of a job. Anyway, you haven't got any barrels that need to go to the surface.5
Now, move along and get some work done before you get a good beating.5
Go away!5
You again? Didn't I make it clear you're not welcome around here? Clear off before you make me get rough with you!5
Yes, I heard. Now please let me get on with my guard duties.5
At the Seers' Village courthouse.5
Hey! Where d'ya think you're going with that barrel?5
You should know that they go out on the cart!5
I'd better check this out.5
Blimey - it's a jail break! Guards! Guards! Apprehend them!5
Get lost then, this is private property! ...Unless you'd like to be taken in for questioning yourself?4
Oh really? Which one?4
They're making a break for it!4
Okay... so move along and get on with your work.3
Try not to get eaten by those monsters.3
It is quite clearly a lift. Any fool can see that it's used to transport rock to the surface.3
Great work. Show me the evidence, and we'll take them to the dungeons.3
You DO have evidence of their crime, right?3
Tch. You wouldn't last a day in the guards with sloppy thinking like that. Come see me when you have some proof of your accusations.3
Hello. The sarge is furious with me! Apparently those loony cultists have been back somehow without me noticing! I got a right roasting earlier...3
I don't exactly know what they got up to in the house... but that's besides the point. Sir Ceril was extremely upset, and I don't blame him.3
I hope you have proof to that effect. We have to arrest someone for this and it seems to me that only the actual murderer would gain by falsely accusing someone.3
Although having said that the butler is kind of shifty looking...3
Yes, what do you... I say, is that stew for me?2
Hello again adventurer. Still hanging around here eh? Let me know if you spot any of those loony cultists sniffing around.2
I'm guarding troublesome prisoners. They think they can get away with attacking the guards. Well, we taught them a thing or two.2
I'm afraid I'm too busy to speak to you right now.2
Oh, so this is yours? You must have dropped it around here.2
Seems rather heavy. Take better care of it this time.2
Hello. I hear tell you're after that loony cult who broke in the other night. It always gladdens me when civilians assist the law like this.1
Hello adventurer. I hope you find the cult soon we have a horrible suspicion that there's been another burglary.1
Yes, it is. What's worse is I have no idea how they keep doing it. It's like they do it under my very nose!1
Yes, I know, you gave it to me already. It was a change of address form.1
That's the thread you found at the crime scene.1
Yes, I know, you gave it to me already. It was a note about meeting at Camelot.1
Hello again adventurer. Still hanging around here eh? I'll be honest, I'm glad someone of your ability is around to assist me in case of trouble.1
That's what we were thinking too. That someone broke in to steal something, was discovered by Lord Sinclair, stabbed him and ran.1
It's odd that apparently nothing was stolen though... Find out something has been stolen,1
and the case is closed, but the murdered man was a friend of the King, and it's more than my job's worth not to investigate fully.1