Ahh... jus' wha' I need, now, wha' did you wanna know?1,061
Lucky for him, means he can get even more work done.1,058
Oops, No 'arm done. S'prob'ly a wizard, i's always the wizards fault, go ask them, jus' ring the bell outshide the guild and talk to the first pointy hatted ninny you shee!1,058
I don' need a hand drinkin me beer, go 'way!134
Need more beer...125
Talk to tha' hand coz thish face ain't lishtnin'!113
Go 'way! This pint'sh nearly finished! Unlessh you got more that ish....? Wizards, s'all the wizard's fault...prob'ly that Zavistic one, he'sh the worsht!54
Yeeeuuuch! I hatesh that shtuff, jusht bring ush a beer! Mmmmm beer!10