You shouldn't have that thing in the first place, thief!7,512
*sigh* Oh alright. But only if the sceptre is fully empty, I'm not wasting the King's magic...7,440
Excellent work!2,390
You're not done yet! Do this for me!2,210
Another 'archaeologist'. 963
*sigh* Not another one.962
If it will keep you out of mischief I suppose I could set something up for you...953
I'm not going to let you plunder my master's tomb you know.749
I have a few rooms full of some things you humans might consider valuable, do you want to give it a go?686
You have five minutes to explore the treasure rooms and collect as many artefacts as you can.545
Fine, I'll take you to the first room now...491
The artefacts are in the urns, chests and sarcophagi found in each room.467
You will also have to deactivate a trap in order to enter the main part of each room.423
The rewards also become more lucrative the further into the tomb you go.413
There are four possible exits, you must open the door before finding out whether it is the exit or not.411
There are eight treasure rooms, each subsequent room requires higher thieving skills to both enter the room and thieve from the urns and other containers.408
When you want to move onto the next room you need to find the correct door first.406
Opening the doors require picking their locks. Having a lockpick will make this easier.404
It is done.394
You need to have 6 gold artefacts to recharge your sceptre.186
You need to have 12 stone artefacts to recharge your sceptre.162
If at any point you decide you need to leave just use a glowing door.88
The game will end and you will be taken out of the pyramid.76
There are a number of different artefacts, of three main types. The least valuable are the pottery statuettes and scarabs, and the ivory combs.73
That Simon Simpleton, I mean Templeton, will probably give you some money for them.72
The artefacts are in the urns, chests and sarcophagi.63
He couldn't spot a real artefact if it came up to him and bit him in the face.60
Next are the stone scarabs, statuettes and seals, and finally the gold versions of those artefacts.59
I expect he'll give you more gold for some than others.58
He usually slinks about near the pyramid north-east of Sophanem. I expect he's trying to get some poor fools to steal things from that pyramid as well.55
Of course, Mummies have been known to take a nap in the sarcophagi, so beware.54
They are not old, but are well made.54
Urns contain snakes that guard them.53
The sarcophagi take some strength to open. They take a while to open.44
The golden chests generally contain better artefacts, but are also trapped with scarabs!43
You don't have any sceptres.42
You need to have 24 pottery or ivory artefacts to recharge your sceptre.41
Scarabs can do puzzles better than that!34
If I must. You have 2 sceptres with charges. Do you want them all emptied?19
Where did you hear about that?13
It's the only genuinely valuable artefact in this place.13
It links all the great pyramids in the area, and can be used to travel between them.12
It requires charging with offerings of fine craftsmanship, that's why we have so many spare artefacts lying around.12
Anyway, I won't let you get your grubby little hands on the sceptre.12
Well, get out of here then.11
If I must. You have 5 sceptres with charges. Do you want them all emptied?1