Thou hast ventured deep into the tunnels, you have reached the temple of our master. It is many ages since a pilgrim has come here.1,314
We are the guardians of the staff, our fathers were guardians and our fathers' fathers before that. Why dost thou seek it?1,168
Thou art working for that spawn of evil?! Fool! You must be cleansed to save your soul!1,092
You have been cleansed!1,033
So he is close by?1,017
He must be gaining in power again. If you can defeat him he will be banished from this plane for a while. You will need this pendant to attack him.1,017
Lucien must not get hold of the staff! He would become too powerful!825
Hast thou come across the undead necromancer? It was he that raised an army of the undead against Varrock a generation ago. If you know where he is you can help us defeat him.773
Thou is a foul agent of Lucien! Such an agent must die!131
We are the Guardians of Armadyl. We have kept the temple safe for many ages. The evil in the dungeons seek what lies here. The Mahjarrat are the worst.121
Have you killed Lucien?91
Hurry friend! Time is against us!87
They are ancient and powerful beings! They are very evil! It is said that they once dominated this plane of existence, Zamorak was supposedly of their blood. They are far fewer in number now.57
Some still have presence in this world in their liche forms. Mahjarrat such as Lucien and Azzanadra would become very powerful if they came into possession of the Staff of Armadyl.54
An agent of evil cannot be allowed to leave!53
You are a fool to be working for Lucien! Your soul must be cleansed to save you!52
Your worldly greed has darkened your soul!46
Armadyl is the god we serve. We have been charged with guarding his sacred arctifacts until he requires them.45
Saradominists. Bleh. They only acknowledge those three. There are at least twenty gods!37
We must cleanse the temple!36
Well done friend! He will not be able to return for a while, this is good news!33
Halt! You will not leave here with the Staff of Armadyl!17
No! I am not old! My family has guarded the staff for many generations.16
The staff is sacred! You will not have it!10
Linger a while and be at peace.8
I may be a fool but I will not step aside!8
Go in peace.6
Do not fear! We are devoted to our charge!4
Only members of our order are allowed to handle the staff.2
Fool! You will die for your sins!2
That is a wise decision. Stay a while and let your soul be cleansed!1
I'm sure you've got one stored somewhere.1