Is my wife asking priests to visit me now? I'm a man of science for god's sake. I know she means well but it's only a little cough!1,130
Well it's not killed me yet. So what do you want?1,128
You mean the plague of West Ardougne?1,096
Elena eh?1,094
Right then, sounds like we'd better get to work!1,093
Now I'll be needing some liquid honey, some sulphuric broline, and then...1,082
Well that's just it, nothing has happened. I don't know what this sample is, but it certainly isn't toxic.1,049
This result can only mean one thing... there is no plague. It seems that someone has been lying about all of it. The only question is... why?1,049
Now I'll just apply these to the sample and... I don't get it... the touch paper has remained the same.729
Well, hello traveller. I still can't understand why they would lie about the plague.196
I'm hanging in there.194
Oh. Goodbye then.22
Look, I need all three reagents to test the plague sample. Come back when you've got them.18
Seems like you don't actually have the plague sample. It's a long way to come empty handed... and quite a long way back too.10
Oh. You don't have any touch paper. I won't be able to help after all.3