Greetings bold adventurer. Welcome to the guild of Champions.10,449
Only one map exists that shows the route through the reefs of Crandor. That map was split into three pieces by Melzar, Thalzar and Lozar, the wizards who escaped from the dragon. Each of them took one piece.859
Melzar built a castle on the site of the Crandorian refugee camp, north of Rimmington. He's locked himself in there and no one's seen him for years.792
You'll have to speak to Oziach, the maker of rune armour. He sets the quests that champions must complete in order to wear it.781
A few weeks ago, I'd have told you to speak to Lozar herself, in her house across the river from Lumbridge.716
If you're serious about taking on Elvarg, first you'll need to get to Crandor. The island is surrounded by dangerous reefs, so you'll need a ship capable of getting through them and a map to show you the way.704
Even if you find the right route, only a ship made to the old crandorian design would be able to navigate through the reefs to the island.696
Thalzar was the most paranoid of the three wizards. He hid his map piece and took the secret of its location to his grave.645
Thirty years ago, Crandor was a thriving community with a great tradition of mages and adventurers. Many Crandorians even earned the right to be part of the Champions' Guild!625
That part shouldn't be too difficult, actually. I believe the Duke of Lumbridge has a special shield in his armoury that is enchanted against dragon's breath.621
Oh? What did he tell you to do?613
The dragon of Crandor?611
Goodness, he hasn't given you an easy job, has he?611
When you reach Crandor, you'll also need some kind of protection against the dragon's breath.604
Yes! A mighty and perilous quest fit only for the most powerful champions! And, at the end of it, you will earn the right to wear the legendary rune platebody!584
The inside of his castle is like a maze, and is populated by undead monsters. Maybe, if you could get all the way through the maze, you could find his piece of the map.544
Oziach lives in a hut, by the cliffs to the west of Edgeville. He can be a little...odd...sometimes, though.527
Unfortunately, goblin raiders killed her and stole everything. One of the goblins from the Goblin Village probably has the map piece now.520
If there's still one in existence, it's probably in Port Sarim.512
He must have fought valiantly against the dragon because they say that, to this day, she has a scar down her side,465
Some refugees managed to escape in fishing boats. They landed on the coast, north of Rimmington, and set up camp but the dragon followed them and burned the camp to the ground.460
Then, of course, you'll need to find a captain willing to sail to Crandor, and I'm not sure where you'd find one of them!458
I don't think you'd be able to find out where it is by ordinary means. You'll need to talk to the Oracle on Ice Mountain.452
One of their adventurers went too far, however. He descended into the volcano in the centre of Crandor and woke the dragon Elvarg.412
but the dragon still won the fight. She emerged and laid waste to the whole of Crandor with her fire breath!404
Out of all the people of Crandor there were only three survivors: a trio of wizards who used magic to escape. Their names were Thalzar, Lozar and Melzar.399
Adventurers sometimes go in there to prove themselves, so I can give you this key to Melzar's Maze.385
This is the Champions' Guild. Only adventurers who have proved themselves worthy by gaining influence from quests are allowed in here.171
You're already on a quest for me, if I recall correctly. Have you talked to Oziach yet?60
Well, he's the only one who can grant you the right to wear rune platemail. He lives in a hut, by the cliffs west of Edgeville.53
Let me see what you've got there. Ah, yes, one of the champions. Just head downstairs and you'll find your challenge waiting in the arena. Hand that scroll to the doorman to get in.50
You have not proved yourself worthy to enter here yet.44
Really? That's amazing!33
You are a true hero. There's no way that Oziach can refuse to sell you rune platemail now. You should tell him at once!31
I think I already gave you a key to the maze. Maybe you've got it stored somewhere.19
Of course! Here you go.17
Ask me about Melzar's map piece again when you have enough free inventory space for the key.15
I think you've already got a key somewhere.8
I think you've already got a key. Maybe you should check your key ring.6