I don't think I've seen you before! What's your name?101
It's good that we're getting members from further afield!92
Is the monster problem very bad where you're from, Zanik?91
Zanik? What kind of a name is that?90
I don't think we'll have to worry about the cave goblin threat for much longer!90
Goblins? That's terrible!89
You know, there are goblins living right underneath Lumbridge. And the duke is treating them as if they were people like you and me! He's even signed a peace treaty with them!88
Johanhus doesn't tell his plans to ordinary members like us, but I've heard he and Sigmund are planning something big.88
These crates are heavy! I could do with some help if that's what you're here for.54
Most of us came from small towns that had been attacked by monsters. We all got fed up with it and so decided to join this movement. We're hoping to return to the towns and cities when we've cleaned up the areas39
We want a world without monsters, to live in safety and without fear of being attacked by these ferocious beasts.38
That's not enough, we want to get rid of them totally, we want to enjoy the surrounding lands and not worry about our children playing in caves and so on.37
that these monsters live in.35
I'm a strong believer in the non-monsters policy...we should really get rid of them...and if that means I have to live in a cave like a monster, so be it!33
*pant* Go away, outsider! *pant*18
Many of us disagree with the king about what freedoms the local monster population should have. We're taking a stand and mobilising our forces against the monstrous hordes.17
I'm totally in awe of Johanhus, he really knows what's what. I know he keeps going on about monsters and it's clear there are too many of them, so hey, I agree with whatever Johanhus says.10
We're against the Johanhus says...we don't like know.9
Did you hear? They caught a goblin spy down in the store rooms!3
Oh, Sigmund and some of the guys took it upstairs and dealt with it. Can't have goblins coming down here!2
You should have seen how it was screaming for mercy! Those monsters aren't so tough when they're outnumbered twenty to one!2