one of the desert peoples!811
who have withheld their water from them.777
He did not respect our ways and the ways of the desert! He did not respect the ways of Elidinis!696
Thou art back already?112
That's the way it's meant to be!77
our minds are united, except for some little parts which aren't. We mostly76
lie in the story of Nardarine. Wouldst thou likest to hear the telling of this tale? It is not a short one.42
god wars. Her town was once controlled by Saradomin, but there was a great battle there between Saradominist and Zamorakian forces which pretty much levelled the town37
the Menaphite God Pantheon. Elidinis heard the prayers of Nardarine, she took pity on the wandering human and came unto her with water. 'Oh great goddess' exclaimed Nardarine 'I wish not to be involved more in35
supply of food and water, then I would surely do this for it is more than any other God would seem to do for me'. Then Elidinis made34
time more refugees from the god wars found Nardarine's home. Nardarine let them stay with her as long as they did make the same oath as her. Hence the town of Nardah was born and Nardarine lived the rest34
We are29
That it is, praise the power of Elidinis.21
I thought we had been through this already. You are not in any position to make such demands. As long as they do not have their statuette of Elidinis to pray to, then we20