What is it, outerlander?3,513
Greetings, outerlander, I am Hamal. I am the chieftain of this tribe.1,491
Ah, an outerlander with manners.1,489
Where did you get that idea from, outerlander?1,229
There is some truth to it, yes. If it were not for my missing daughter, we would have moved on already, and finding food would be easier again for a while.1,220
You have? Then we made an enormous mistake.1,219
So it is true then, after all? Let me see her body please.1,217
Yes, it is the Kendal.1,213
Of course. We planted the trees there ourselves many years ago.1,213
I would be interested to see how you would manage that, outerlander. But if you insist on trying, go ahead.1,210
Interesting, what is it?1,204
Indeed, outerlander, and how did you accomplish that without giving him our rock?1,194
Yes, I see it is her.1,194
Fourteen years, to be exact. And I didn't say otherwise, did I? As for the Kendal, what proof have you of these serious accusations?1,193
Then she must be buried there, on the island at the center of the pool... to bring peace to her spirit.1,193
Worry not, you made a wise decision and your boldness is impressive.1,192
Asleif had little possessions in life and none that have survived the years. I do not know where you might find such a thing, but perhaps Ragnar does, out by the pool.1,191
Then please listen closely. If she is given a proper burial, she is to be buried with some of her possessions. I see she's still wearing her dress, so you will need one more item.1,188
We left Rellekka because we wanted to live closer to nature. We feel that the people of Rellekka have grown complacent and rely too much on their tools rather than their skill. And while they share our view on the sanctity1,179
For one thing, this side of the mountain is mostly free from the menace of the trolls and the delvings of the deformed dwarves.1,174
Well, you see...1,174
Oh, I'll be waiting here alright.1,157
So tell me what you want from us.1,132
Where is she? Tell me, outerlander!1,069
Do not play games with me. I gave you leave to walk about our camp, not to trick us.1,068
We do not hate them, outerlander, but we do not approve of their ways either.1,061
It is true that our beliefs are not all that different, but we have a different way of applying them, a stricter way.1,059
We are not at war with them, outerlander, but we try to ignore each other.1,057
Unfortunately we have not heard from Svidi, our representative, for a few days.1,054
Do as you wish, outerlander.1,051
When she has been buried, you must build a cairn on top. It is our tradition to build these cairns in the shape of our longboats that we use when we need to cross the seas. You can use rocks for this purpose, about five or914
of the runestones, they still employ and actively use magic.889
As did he. Impersonating a god bears the highest penalty imaginable, but I did not think that kind of justice would be delivered by the hand of an outerlander.887
It is unwise to come too close to a god, so we made sure no one would go there anymore.881
But we do not employ outerlanders.881
So it is also true that you spoke to her spirit at the pool?866
This is a great gift, %FREMENNIK_NAME%, which I humbly accept.844
It does not matter, after all, how large the rock is, or what its shape is. And perhaps the two halves of the rock will have extra symbolism now, representing the two halves of the Fremennik culture.840
My daughter has gone missing. We have been looking for her and cannot go on without her.835
We do not recognise the council of Rellekka and want nothing more to do with them. We live on rock and stone now, pure and hard.830
Only then are the burial rites complete.828
That seems acceptable to me. Very well, I will allow you to look for her.820
I will instruct my people to let you roam about the area freely, and give limited consent to them to talk to you.815
That said, we have tarried at this location for too long and should be moving on.813
so should be enough.808
We move on to another part of the mountain slope when the rough land cannot sustain us anymore.807
Haha, you have spirit, %FREMENNIK_NAME%.802
I understand that Svidi's meeting with Brundt went quite well. I must thank you for your assistance, outerlander.796
Their Seer is an affront to the gods!763
My daughter was always asking me to do that, and now that she is not here right now, I thought perhaps it was the right thing to do.763
But I must admit that I have, in fact, sent out a representative to Rellekka to talk about improving relations and perhaps setting up a basic trade route.738
I would not be surprised if those ignorants in Rellekka are holding him captive.731
We are not Fremennik, outerlander.632
And you do not look like a Fremennik, but still claim to be one.630
This is a most unusual situation, but will you bury her, %FREMENNIK_NAME%?606
We are a solitary group, outerlander, and have little experience or interest in outside contact.595
It is also our custom not to talk to outerlanders without my sanction. And I see no reason to sanction it for you.502
But I will not deceive you. We were part of the Fremennik once, but left the village of Rellekka long ago.411
Haha, you have spirit, %USERNAME%.361
This is a great gift, %USERNAME%, which I humbly accept.359
This is a most unusual situation, but will you bury her, %USERNAME%?257
We do not employ outerlanders.228
And what use is one piece of fruit to us, outerlander? It won't feed our tribe for even a day.152
Yes? Did you free Svidi from them?149
What, do you mean our ancient rock that our fathers took with them when they left the ignorants of Rellekka?143
Out of the question. That rock belongs to us. It symbolises what we stand for. What would Brundt want with it anyway?142
Did you not hear me the first time, outerlander? It belongs to us, we will not part with it.140
It seems the most likely explanation for Svidi's absence, but I cannot say for certain.131
And we certainly don't let them join us!128
I told you before not to say such things.79
Then do not say it again. I appreciate what you've done for us already, but don't try our patience.78
What proof of it do you have anyway?66
No, I've decided to set up a permanent camp here.65
There is no need to move now with our new supply of food. Also, there is a protective spirit looking after us now.53
Weren't you the one who was supposed to be looking for it for me?40
You have my thanks, in any case.33
Miscellania? So that group survived?31
Oh yes... that group left the mainland a long time ago. And good riddance to them, I say.31
Oh, yes... as a matter of fact we did find such a helmet inside the cave.31
Oh, we're not fighting anyone. But we cannot forgive them for their insulting behaviour before they left.30
How do you mean? There is no one else. Well, there's the Gunnarian people who left this area over a century ago, but they don't really count, do they?30
Greetings once again, honourable %USERNAME%.26
And what helmet would that be?26
You are a most unusual outerlander. The council of Rellekka was wise to make you an honourary Fremennik.24
Do not say such things in jest, outerlander.23
Besides, stealth and kidnapping is not their way.23
And I suppose that the people of-21
We had a look in there after you killed the abomination that used to live inside.21
Safe journey, outerlander.19
It is quite inappropriate to pray to the gods when the moon is half full. Yet it is almost as if they wanted to make a point of it, holding parties in honour of gods almost every night.17
That, and they like to dress up in fancy clothes a bit too much to our tastes.17
Here, take it. You should take proper care of this, trophies from your enemy are an important keepsake.17
How little do you understand our ways. Of course we believe in magic, we merely believe it is not for the living to wield it.16
There is a large pool of water beyond the camp. She used to go there often, it was her favourite spot.16
Now that is a spirit that is quite different from the Draugen... she is, perhaps, not entirely dissimilar to the Mountain Dottir.15
You would call her mountain daughter. Asleif is no longer my daughter, she belongs to the mountains now.15
Ragnar, her fiance, is probably there as well. I will give him my permission to talk to you.15
She is the fairest maiden of all our tribe, and I daresay of all the northern lands. She has flowing black hair, and when last we saw her, she was wearing a brown dress.15
Perhaps you should speak to the man she is to marry, tribesman Ragnar. He can probably tell you more.15
Many spirits are connected with the earth or the water. There is the Draugen, for instance, a malovelent spirit.14
But first things first. Did Svidi go into Rellekka yet, to speak to Brundt on behalf of our tribe?14
I cannot exactly say. I believe some of her spirit must have fused with the pool she loved so much. She is no longer my daughter, but the daughter of the mountain.11
You can find him out by the pool beyond the camp, where my daughter used to go so often.11
Have you? We do not approve of the Fremennik hunt, the Draugen should be left alone, evil though it is.11
We will stay here, under her protection. With our new food supplies we will be able to stay here for many years more.10
And perhaps you have also come across the Fossegrimen?10
As you wish, outerlander.9
We do not need your sympathy, outerlander.9
Then, on top of the burial mound, you must build a cairn out of rocks, in the rough shape of a longboat. Five rocks should be enough for this purpose.9
What's taking him so long to get there then?9
You are a most unusual outerlander. Perhaps you should seek to become an honourary Fremennik, in Rellekka.8
What? I did not know he was such a coward! I should have sent a warrior instead.8
You must bury her with some of her possessions, like the dress she's wearing and one other item.7
Yet you participated in what you call madness, outerlander. You are perhaps not so different from any of us.6
Greetings once again, honourable %FREMENNIK_NAME%.6
You appear to be wearing one on your head...5
Then there is an ancient water spirit that the Fremennik call the Fossegrimen.4
He'd better not come back before speaking to the chieftain of Rellekka.4
You must bury her with some of her possessions, like the dress she's wearing and the necklace you hold.3
You are a most unusual outerlander. I'm sure that you will be able to complete your Fremennik trials some time.1