Well...sure if you're not full of surprises then...I guess I'll have to either hire more men to try and kill you or forget Tassie's loan.1,124
Ok then, fair enough....I'll leave her alone...but I'm going to deal with you personally one of these days!1,122
Oh, it's you! Back are you then?1,119
Ha, ha ha ha! How funny is that! I've gone and changed my mind now! I've decided that I make a far better gangster than I ever would a druid!1,119
My men are going to deal with you!926
And who da heck are you?799
And what if it is? Tassie got into an arrangment that is mutually beneficial, as far as I understood it, she was happy with the deal.797
Well, I was just thinking the other day that I'm feeling sort of unfulfilled in my life. 770
Yeah, yeah, I really want to be a and see the druid leader, I think Sanfew is his name, and persuade him to take me as an initiate. Do me this one small favour and I'll leave Tassie alone.770
Good...I mean great! Come back when Sanfew has agreed to take me as an initiate!764
I'd like to get rid of all this anger and frustration that my current lifestyle brings and do something those druids, I mean, all day sitting around, looking at herbs and wearing robes and stuff.636 that you come to mention it, I guess I have been a little hard on the girl.381
Hmm, yes, yes you're right...I did want to do something, something I noticed recently, but you'll laugh if I tell you...nah, it's silly.379
And I guess I am quite stressed about things, what with so much to think about recently.378
And what's wrong now?203
Go and talk to Sanfew and get him to accept me as a druid initiate!201
You looking at me? I don't see nobody else here!154
Oh, so you wanna give me something for leaving Tassie alone?86
Where would I be if I just left all of my 'customers' alone? Some people just need a little extra 'encouragement' to make the best out of life...I'm just helping them along.73
Whatever...I guess Tassie's gonna be working hard for a bit longer yet then!6