It's really quite simple to make. Just walk down to that tree on the bank and chop it down.134
When you have done that you can shape the log further with your axe to make a canoe.119
A Waka is an invention of my people, it's an incredible strong and fast canoe and will carry you safely to any destination on the river.94
Yes, you can take a waka north through the underground portion of this river.90
Your skills rival mine friend. You will certainly be able to build a Waka.81
It will bring you out at a pond in the heart of the Wilderness. Be careful up there, many have lost more than their lives in that dark and twisted place.74
My name is Hari.38
Like most people who come to Edgeville, I am here to seek adventure in the Wilderness.38
It comes out in a pond located deep in the Wilderness.37
I found a secret underground river that will take me quite a long way north.33
I had to find a very special type of canoe to get me up the river though, would you like to know more?33
Come and ask me when you have improved your skills as a woodcutter.20
You seem to be an accomplished woodcutter. You will easily be able to make a Stable Dugout19
They are reliable enough to get you anywhere on this river, except to the Wilderness of course.17
Only a Waka can take you there.17
You are an average woodcutter. You should be able to make a Dugout canoe quite easily. It will take you 2 stops along the river.7
You would never make it there alive.7
Well, you don't look like you have the skill to make a canoe.6
Once you are able to make a canoe it makes travel along the river much quicker!5
You need to have at least level 12 woodcutting.5
I can sense you're still a novice woodcutter, you will only be able to make a log canoe at present.3
A log will take you one stop along the river. But you won't be able to travel into the Wilderness on it.3