Welcome, Effendi!346
Come now Effendi, to pass you must tell me a story, one of grand heroics!269
Hey! I didn't say you could go in there!258
Amazing! A story well worth telling! Please Effendi, enter at your leisure.236
Me? I am Haris! Owner of the area north of here, it has great resources, I assure you.54
Buy? Oh no no no. Do you see this sword, Effendi?52
Well then, that is why it is mine! Hahaha.52
Not quite, while gold can get you many places, I seek stories of heroics, for my land is only for the worthy.52
I promise you, the monkey I took it from was big! Hahaha!52
Of course Effendi! You have proved yourself worthy!39
You thought that was a story of heroics?! Come back when you have something worth telling.30
Farewell, Effendi!11