Come in!2,473
Now you're talking! An Asgarnian Ale please!1,521
Good. Good. I have some dice. How much do you want to offer?1,479
OK. I'll roll first!1,388
'Ello matey!1,355
Don't forget that once I start my roll you can't back out of the bet! If you do you lose your stake!1,262
Shure!1,216 goes...1,129
Arrh. That hit the spot!1,093
I don't want to talk about it!1,029
Place your betsh pleashe!1,017
Sounds good! I normally drink Asgarnian Ale but you know what?868
I really fancy one of those Blurberry Specials. I never get over to the Gnome Stronghold so I haven't had one for ages!864
Now THAT hit the spot!804
Um...not enough money.800
I owe you the resht!796
Heresh shome of it.596
I said I don't want to talk about it!328
I sheemed to have rolled a one.286
Shixteen! How am I shupposhed to beat that!272
I didn't know you could ushe four dishe. Oh well.271
I honestly don't know! I've looked everywhere. I've searched the castle and my room!269
Yeah, I tried that.267
I need another beer.228
Oh dear, I seem to have run out of money!225
I'll write you out an IOU for the rest.223
Here's what I have.179
What wash the queshtion?85
Mmm... Asgarnian Ale.74
Eashy tiger! Max bet ish 1000 coinsh.59
Oh dear.59
Woah! Do you think I'm made of money? Max bet is 1000 gold.38
I fink I've had enough!23
I'm shure I had money, not anymore!21
I'll write you another.19
I've run out of money!2
Hey %USERNAME%, you finally got around to naming me.2
What a wet blanket, Bob can look after himself.1
This guy gets on my nerves.1
Oh my, you win... a biscuit!1
ANYONE would be 'cleverer'!1
Unferth's cat? Pfft! Unferth is Bob's human!1
Bob didn't come home this week.1
I don't think there is a problem, Bob is probably chasing females again!1
Hi Bob!1
The humans have been looking for you, they get worried too easily.1
What's up?1
Wow! He's got it bad! Real bad! I never thought I'd see the day!1
Does Neite feel the same way about you?1
Don't you know who your parents are?1
Don't you have any memory of your parents?1
%USERNAME% let's go and talk to Gertrude! Perhaps she knows who Bob's parents are!1
Come on! We can help Bob!1
Yes, please help!1
Robert the Strong was no ordinary human though!1
Don't tell him you're doing his chores!1
Part of the cat-human relationship is to let them believe they are in control.1
Well done, that's all the chores finished!1
Let's talk to Unferth to see if there's anything else we can do.1
Now what?!1
Nothing, I bet!1
I guess you're right, there is the Apothecary in Varrock.1
I never did like that guy!1
I have a few suggestions!1
Theres something wrong with his head!1
Indeed! Bob should be back by now, let's go find him.1
This guy is unbelievable!1
Oh dear. I need beer.1
I'm feeling a bit like a ghost in a cake shop.1
You know... In need of exorcise.1
Let's go out into the desert to talk about this, if you don't mind. I want the right atmosphere for the story.1