Welcome, you can buy fishing equipment at my store. We'll also give you a good price for any fish that you catch.1,657
Yes you can!1,097
Here you go!1,026
I can see that you have a nicely filled fishbowl there to use, and you can catch a fish from my aquarium if you want.946
You will need a special net to do this though, and I sell them for 10 gold.846
Sorry, you need to put some seaweed into the bowl first.298
Yes, the fish seem to like it. Come and see me when you have put some in the bowl.218
Sorry, I'm all out. I used up the last of it feeding the fish in the aquarium.87
I have some empty boxes though, they have the ingredients written on the back. I'm sure if you pick up a pestle and mortar you will be able to make your own.83
Here. I can hardly charge you for an empty box.82
Take good care of that fish!46
Well, I'll be happy to give you the net once you have the cash, but not before!10
Here you...oh.3
Well, you don't seem to have any free space for this right now. Come back later when you do.3