Hey, while you have our gratitude for saving the prince, you must earn our trust more fully before the Emir will tolerate you climbing through his windows like a thief!1,835
Greetings I am Hassan, Chancellor to the Emir of Al- Kharid.891
You have the eternal gratitude of the Emir for rescuing his son. I am authorised to pay you 700 coins.838
I need the services of someone, yes. If you are interested, see the spymaster, Osman. I manage the finances here. Come to me when you need payment.836
Hey, do not treat the Emir's palace like a climbing frame for children, whoever you are!215
Have you found the spymaster, Osman, yet? You cannot proceed in your task without reporting to him.213
You are a friend of the town of Al-Kharid. If we have more tasks to complete, we will ask you. Please, keep in contact. Good employees are not easy to find.53
You are welcome. They are not expensive. We have them here to stop the elite guard being bothered. They are a little harder to kill.37
I understand the Spymaster has hired you. I will pay the reward only when the Prince is rescued.12
We manage, in our humble way. We are a wealthy town and we have water. It cures many thirsts.10
Content. But a little more attention or rat hunting wouldn't go amiss.2
Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would now.. I feel nice!!1
I see you are getting on well with the rescue. Obtaining a key must have saved you some time.1