Hello. Oh, are you new?21
Well, it's always good to have a new recruit. Soon we shall retrive Hazeels' scroll and the ritual to revive him can begin!21
What? How did you get in here? Who are you and why do you come here? It doesn't matter, you will not live long enough to tell anyone of our hideout!19
What? Who are you and why did you come here? It doesn't matter, leave now adventurer. While you still can.3
The adventurer returns. We await the return of our Lord from his business in the north here, so that we may wreak vengeance on his enemies.2
I bow before you in honour for your efforts in bringing Lord Hazeel back to this realm to lead us into glory once more!2
What? An intruder? HERE? How did you get in here? You must leave! NOW!2
Welcome back adventurer! Since you have brought us the scroll of Hazeel we can now perform the resurrection ceremony! Soon our master will return!2
Leave me alone, can't you see I'm busy? We have a lot to do preparing for the imminent return of Lord Hazeel1
It's the meddler! The one who blew Jones' cover! I don't know why you came to this place but it is here that you will die.1