Blah, blah?5,138
Blah, blah, blah...blah!4,181
Blah, blah.4,174
Blah, blah, blah!4,129
Blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah...blah!1,637
Blah, blah...Daconia...blah, blah.1,046
Blah blah blah human. Sarko!469
Ha! Atarischeray! Blah blah mesi blah blah.467
Blah Brimstail blah blah human blah minahar!464
Hmmph. Laquinay blah human. Blah blah blah.461
Oaknock! Ha blah blah minapor blah blah blah.459
*SIGH* Ipmesi human.456
Very well. Oh and when you see that lazy toad Brimstail, tell him next time he needs information to come himself.450
I never studied it, but I believe it used elven magic - So it must have used crystals of some sort. Crystal discs, yes that sounds familiar. Actually come to think of it I think I may have one lying around. Here take443
Just call it Gnomish intuition.437
Hmph. Not bad for a human.431
Nobody knows for certain, somewhere rocky I suppose. The rumour is that after founding his new home, Glouphrie used his magicks to shroud the city in mist. Arposandra may not exist at all, however I suspect that428
Old magicks beyond your skill human. You can stop flapping your big human lips as well. Just think.421
I'm reading your mind foolish human. How do you think? Now CLEAR YOUR MIND...402
Both armies moved to claim the lands, and were of course destined to meet in battle...395
And so it came to pass the Goblin and Gnome armies met at the Battle of Atarisundri.395
Just shut up and listen! I have a story to tell you that will answer most of your questions.394
Both sides faced each other on the Battlefield. A bloody battle was in prospect, our gnomes were brave, but we were no match for the mass of brute goblin stupidity...381
Blah blah blah blah.375
Blah blah blah blah Oaknock blah blah blah.372
Blah blah blah blah Healthorg cinqo blah blah blah.369
... but Glouphrie and King Healthorg had devised a plan...369
Glouphrie is still around, one way or another.361
And so, Glouphrie created an army of illusory Giant tortoises, knowing that goblins would be scared of anything bigger than they were.359
I rushed straight back to the Grand Tree, only to find that no-one had noticed anything, and that Argento was still standing and seemed alive. But I knew something was wrong. He refused to talk to me and his aura was357
And I knew that one of the Old Ones had died, and I had lost a friend.356
Then I felt a sudden pain, as if the Anima Mundi was crying out with the loss of a favoured child....355
Stop wittering on %USERNAME%. You're giving me a headache. This mind speech is hard enough without having to listen to your incoherent babbling. Think about nothing. Clear your mind.352
I felt a shadow pass over me, and a tingling in the air, even though the weather was fine and dry.352
this, maybe it will help you.352
Handsome! Hmph! That was a long time ago...344
And so Glouphrie left and travelled with some companions to a place they called Arposandra. We have heard nothing but rumours about them since...331
weren't here yet, only King Healthorg and the gnomes to the north, and a collection of Goblin tribes to the south.330
Let us travel back in time, to the time you humans call the Fourth Age. King Healthorg had become King. The elves mysteriously decided to travel west, leaving most of Kandarin open for conquest. The humans328
... If you don't lead an invincible army - pretend you do...321
they never saw eye to eye - I knew he was right this time. Glouphrie had used his magicks to hide the truth from all of us.297
Anyway, where was I? Oh yes...294
no longer present. Someone had hidden his death. I talked to Oaknock and he was incensed. He immediately blamed Glouphrie, and although Oaknock could be rather irrational when it came to Glouphrie -293
There was once a very special Spirit Tree in the Stronghold. Silver as a birch, old and wise - I considered him a friend. I called him Argento, his true name was unpronouncable.287
Oaknock had made a machine - an anti-illusion machine, with some help from the elves. He prepared it, and summoned the advisors to Argento..280
Sadly, the golden times were not destined to last for long...268
He was the first Spirit Tree I had befriended, and the one I knew the best. I would sometimes travel, visiting and finding other Spirit trees, and during one such trip, I was filled with a great sense of foreboding...267
Well, I never expected to be impressed by a human, but you have done a good deed for the gnomes - even if most gnomes won't recognise it. You humans are not as stupid as I first thought...92
*Hazelmere nods his thanks*73
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.73
Stop wittering on %USERNAME%. You're giving me a headache. This mind speech is hard enough without having to listen to your incoherent babbling. Think about nothing. Clear your mind.35
What do you want now? Go and talk to Brimstail, that's why you came to see me in the first place...29
Stop wittering on %USERNAME%. You're giving me a headache. This mind speech is hard enough without having to listen to your incoherent babbling. Think about nothing. Clear your mind.22
Concentrate! I can't maintain a connection if you let your mind wander. Watch and Listen!15
Where was I?9
Oh that's right young human, anyway...9
So you want to know what your crystal saw does?5
Well, I do remember seeing Oaknock using the saw. He said it allowed him to build devices more complicated that even he was capable of constructing. The device he built must have been very complicated indeed.5
... ethereal link ... failed ... puny human mind ... insufficiently disciplined ... mental rigour required ... trained ... magical skills ...3