How did you get into West Ardougne? Ah well you'll have to stay, can't risk you spreading the plague outside.67
You must be nuts, absolutely not!34
Ahh... A new recruit.19
Because all the old members of the guard know to report to the real Head Mourner, not me.18
No, I am just a front man, our true head is far too busy to deal with the requests of the citizens, so I conduct the day to day business here.17
You should go and report in.15
Well they're as good as dead then, no point in trying to save them.14
Ah yes, I've heard of her. A healer I believe. She must be mad coming over here voluntarily.13
I hear rumours she has probably caught the plague now. Very tragic, a stupid waste of life.13
It's not regulation. Anyway you're not properly trained to deal with the plague.12
It requires a strict 18 months of training.12
We're working for King Lathas of East Ardougne. He has tasked us with containing the accursed plague sweeping West Ardougne.10
We also do our best to ease these people's suffering. We're nicknamed mourners because we spend a lot of time at plague victim funerals, no one else is allowed to risk attending.10
It's a demanding job, and we get little thanks from the people here.9
You're wasting my time, I have a lot of work to do!7
Can't risk you being a carrier. That protective clothing you have isn't regulation issue. It won't meet safety standards.7