Yes, can I help you?24
Fairly pleasant, though it gets cold in the winter.6
*sigh* Times are tough.5
Though they're getting better.4
You're more than welcome to it, for getting our belongings back.4
Kingdom? Etceteria is ruled by a Queen and we don't approve of you.4
Thank you for finding my shield for me. Did you find everyone's belongings?3
You're the regent of Miscellania, aren't you?3
I'm surprised you didn't know about your own soldiers demanding tribute from us.3
Please sort out your soldiers, and get my shield back to me.3
Thank you.2
There aren't many guards in it.2
We don't have an army, you see.2
And what am I going to use as a fruit bowl in the meantime?2
I told them to go away, but the next day I found that they'd stolen my small shield!2
Those Miscellanian soldiers?1
Teenagers from Rellekka... I think my sister wrote to me about them.1
The trials are tough, but they must have been very bad to fail them for year after year.1
Could be better.1
How am I supposed to defend the house without it?1