I'm fine thanks.1,170
If you're lucky you may last as long as me.1,165
I've been in Khazard's prisons ever since I can remember. I was a child when his men kidnapped me. My whole life has been spent killing and fighting, all in the hope that one day I might escape.1,163
Thanks friend.1,159
So Khazard got his hands on you too?937
Wait.. sshh, the guard is coming. Looks like you'll be going into the arena. Good luck friend.793
I've seen them in here, although they don't look up to much. My advice to you is to leave before you end up in a cell too.26
You're not a real guard. I've been in here long enough to know that. What's your business?24
I don't know how you managed to escape the arena, but you may not be as lucky next time. Get out of here while you can.2