No, no I am very far from OK. Those hooligans slaughtered my precious Scruffy! I shall never recover! I am emotionally scarred for life!116
Oh, hello. If you wish to look around the Carnillean family home please refrain from touching anything with those grubby hands of yours.46
Oh, hello again adventurer. I trust you did not have too much trouble dealing with those hooligans?8
I'm sorry. I am far too depressed to talk to anybody right now. Oh... poor Scruffy... 8
I hope you found those awful hooligan cultists! I simply cannot sleep at night knowing they're loose!5
Humph. You really are useless aren't you?5
Hello again adventurer! Since you dealt with those horrible hooligan cultists, things have vastly improved for us around here!3
I have been instructed by my husband to have no dealings with an utter scoundrel such as yourself.3
So kindly leave me alone and be on your way.3
You! Don't think you can go accusing our trusted staff and then waltz up to me as though nothing has happened!3
HA! Don't be so ridiculous! Next you'll be trying to tell me Jones murdered our old butler!3