Well, I'm special! I bore down a little so I'm nice and cosy with my herbs exposed to the sun, it's all very interesting.51
That depends, what have you got?47
These old things? I guess they've dried up... I'm getting old and I need caring for. I've chosen you to do that by the way.47
I'm an insectivore, but even if I wasn't I'd hate Avacado!46
How very original...43
I'm actually an insectivore.41
I don't know why people like it so much... it tastes a like a ball of chewed up grass.40
I could try the next person if you'd prefer?40
I think you'll find I didn't name myself, you humans and your silly puns.37
Please. Stop.35
When I was a young HERBIBOAR!!25
I was trying to sing you a song...5
I assume you mean worms, not sure I could stomach a wyrm, far too big.3
I don't judge you, now hand over those worms!3
Slimy, yet satisfying.1
Not really an insect, but admittedly I'm not too fussy.1
I'll save them for later.1
I've never been able to catch one, they've always eluded me.1
Woah! You should try those, they're amazing.1
My favorite!1