Lovely? Oh - er - if you say so. But please excuse me, I really don't have time to chat about the weather.1,307
Trolls! They're attacking my Fishing Colony!1,229
These are a sort of sea-dwelling troll. They feed on the monkfish that live in this part of the sea, but just recently they've started invading my Colony!1,225
Well yes, I do. I've done some research about this, and I think our best hope is to get hold of an experienced adventurer.1,171
%USERNAME% - have you brought an army?1,158
Finally you've arrived! Did you bring the Wise Old Man?1,137
Yes, yes... now please excuse us.1,136
You? I hadn't thought of that... let's have a look at you...1,131
Reward? Well... we've got to discuss the Colony's defences now. Perhaps you could go and make yourself useful around the Colony? I'm sure my brother, Franklin, could do with a bit of help. Arnold, the1,130
You've got what?1,103
You can talk about that later! Now we've got an army we can get on with beating the trolls!1,101
Have you been drinking?1,100
Of course, of course!1,099
Oh yes, of course! You are hereby welcome to visit the Piscatoris Fishing Colony at any time and make full use of our fishing spots!1,097
Ah, I'm glad you asked that! You see, this is the only known place where you can catch monkfish!1,097
Yes - there's good eating on a monkfish. They heal more health than the swordfish and lobsters most adventurers carry around, but they're easier to catch than sharks.1,096
It's only a hat!1,093
Indeed! I'm sure Arnold will help you send your monkfish to your bank account. Also, seaweed accumulates in the nets down by the shore, which you might find useful. Franklin says it's much quicker than1,090
Finally, I'd like to give you a little token of my thanks.1,090
No, thank YOU!1,089
Oh - er - that's good...1,073
There's something else I need you to do first.1,072
Well, the Wise Old Man and I have discussed the situation, and he's come up with a plan...1,071
There's a slight problem, though.1,070
I sent most of the colonists away for their own safety when the trolls started attacking the Colony.1,069
Yes, please hurry!1,065
Well, as qualified as you undoubtedly are, I believe we're going to need a truly expert adventurer if the Colony is to stand a chance.972
Excellent! You have no idea how grateful I am!970
If you could just stop blowing your own trumpet for a minute...968
Excellent! Now, in far-away Misthalin there lives one of the greatest adventurers of all time.966
His name is lost in the mists of time, but you shouldn't have much trouble finding the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village.966
You don't sound convinced. Look, I'll tell you what I've read about him...964
Oh, do you know him?963
%USERNAME%, how can I ever thank you? You have saved my Fishing Colony from utter destruction!936
Yes, that's right. And do watch out for the sea trolls!936
In all the legends I've read, brave adventurers have no trouble vanquishing whatever monsters are menacing the helpless settlement.900
storemaster, said he needed an extra pair of hands too. He's in one of the big storage sheds.846
Maybe, but he's still an expert adventurer.835
trying to gather it on Entrana.828
Oh, he's gone. I hope he enjoys his retirement.804
Hmmm... You're not what I'm looking for, but... %NUMBER% quest points is really rather a lot...774
Ok, the Piscatoris Fishing Colony gratefully accepts your offer of help. When the Colony is safe you shall be handsomely rewarded.624
%USERNAME%? Have you helped Franklin and Arnold yet?388
Please do so!206
Ah, %USERNAME%. I was wondering where you'd got to.176
Go to Draynor Village and fetch the Wise Old Man to help save the Colony!147
That's what I like to hear. Off you go...144
Ah well, we must forgive him his little foibles.128
No! Now go and do what I told you!124
Yes, I've done my research very carefully. I've always made important decisions based on careful analysis of whatever documents are available to me on the topic. For example, I chose this site for my Fishing Colony109
Yes, that's right. A brave adventurer with plenty of experience in this sort of work.109
because records show this part of the sea to be a prime site for catching monkfish. I don't just fumble along like an amateur!100
Fine, fine.85
You seem fairly tough, but you're still not what I'm looking for.74
Now we've got an army we can get on with beating the trolls!48
You seem fairly tough, but I don't think you know enough about diplomacy. I'd be sending you to beg a favour from a very important man.46
Ah, %USERNAME%! How's the fishing going?28
Flourishing, now that the colonists are coming back! Soon all the finest restaurants will be serving monkfish!25
Oh, and please don't call me Hermie.22
Yes, that's very nice. Maybe if you had 100 I'd consider finding something for you to do.21
It's a pity those skeletons you brought here haven't gone away again, though. They're in the dormitories, which is rather annoying! So please take a little time to kick 'em around a bit.21
No, I'm sorry, but you simply don't have enough experience. I've got a LOT at stake here, and I can't afford to have an amateur getting in the way.19
Come back to us as soon as you're ready.18
Please get on with it!10
You're still here, %USERNAME%?7
Reward? Well... I've got a lot to do at the moment. Perhaps you could go and make yourself useful around the Colony? I'm sure my brother, Franklin, could do with a bit of help. Arnold, the storemaster, said he7
needed an extra pair of hands too. He's in one of the big storage sheds.6
Yes, but I don't think you've got room to carry it.4
Ah, %USERNAME%. Is the Wise Old Man coming?4
Give him whatever he wants! Just bring him here!4
Go to the Wizards' Guild in Yanille and ask Wizard Frumscone to lend us an army to save the Colony!3
Go and fetch the army! Go! Go! GO!2