So what have you found so far?1,438
What could you want with an old woman like me?1,179
Hmmm... Maybe I can think of something for you.1,167
Okay, I'm going to make a potion to help bring out your darker self.1,149
You need an eye of newt, a rat's tail, an onion... Oh and a piece of burnt meat.1,148
Excellent, can I have them then?1,137
Ok, now drink from the cauldron.1,133
Would you like to become more proficient in the dark arts?849
You will need certain ingredients.819
Great, but I'll need the other ingredients as well.297
How's your magic coming along?127
Good, good.108
Yes, improve your magic...101
Do you have no sense of drama?81
Well are you going to drink the potion or not?78
Yes it does seem to be getting fairly common knowledge.12
I fear I may get a visit from the witch hunters of Falador before long.10
Suit yourself, but you're missing out.4
Well I can't make the potion without them! Remember... You need an eye of newt, a rat's tail, an onion, and a piece of burnt meat. Off you go dear!3