Many greetings. Welcome to our fair island.3,262
Good day, %USERNAME%.1,485
A somewhat strange request, but I see no harm in it. There you go. May Saradomin walk with you.1,176
Don't interrupt adventurer.1,121
I will have no dealings with those who plunder the houses of the dead.1,087
The object of which you speak did once pass through holy Entrana. I know not where it is now however.1,063
Have you managed to return the jar yet?1,061
The Sphinx? Is it possible? That contrary old cat has never done anything to help us. Prove it!1,057
Thank you so much, adventurer. We have defeated The Devourer; the plagues should abate now.1,054
What? So I am. Somehow, I don't think this is over. The Devourer will not concede defeat so easily, after all.1,053
The only explanation I can think of is that some other adventurer has repeated your mistakes and has stolen a burial jar whilst we were here.1,044
Oh no! What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Ummm, yes, I have it. Um...1,043
Um. What what?1,043
Hmmm... So, what do you want then.1,042
Well, could try to avoid the traps?1,041
Oh yes, how could I forget! The key to getting into the pyramid is to have a cat.1,041
Didn't the Sphinx tell you that cats act as guardians against The Devourer?1,040
So, it stands to reason that only they should be able to open the pyramid door. Ask your cat for help when you intend to enter.1,040
Nothing, nothing. You've done all you can.1,040
We must find the adventurer who has carried out this theft and get him to return the jar. Then, we will have to perform the ceremony again.1,037
What, a burial jar?1,035
Sorry, I'm still know?1,035
It's my first week on the job and already I've had an outbreak of plagues, half the population has fled the town and, to top it off, some adventurer has desecrated the tomb of the old high priest.1,034
You did?1,034
Well, until one of the sides give up, that is. Anyway, I have a gift for you back in town. But first, I have a few things to sort out here.1,034
Um...yes. That would be a good idea...wouldn't it?1,033
What do you mean?1,026
You might be surprised to know that we wouldn't have been able to complete the ceremony without that in our presence, nor would you have been able to defeat The Wanderer's minion so easily.1,024
Ah, there you are, %USERNAME%. I've been waiting for you.1,008
You're right, of course. Anyway, where did I put that trinket I promised you?1,003
Ummm, ah,
I am.992
By Icthlarin, they do and I will lead them.991
Because all the ceremonies haven't been completed yet and Klenter, the old high priest, grows weary of the mortal realm.989
Umm...I guess I forgot.988
Actually, very little is left to be done. Most of the prayers have already been said but the embalmer still has a bit of work to do.987
I need you to tell the carpenter to create a new holy symbol for the ceremony. Also, you should talk to the embalmer. I know that he's having problems getting supplies into town with the quarantine.967
Thank you, %USERNAME%. You'll be handsomely rewarded for your services to Icthlarin.958
I must thank you again; your victory over The Devourer's beast was magnificent.903
Someone just stole our relic, this is a disaster! Adventurer, you must find the fool who put that teleport beacon on the altar.872
Well at least you're honest about it, but where did you get it from?870
What are you trying to say?869
I don't know how you managed to get word to our citizens, but I am very grateful.868
Those orbs are volatile, they use some very old magic, no worshipper of Saradomin would dare touch one. You must return to this monk and find out more, but be wary.866
This is not good, that relic was part of an ancient artefact which was said to have awesome power. You must report to Sir Tiffy in Falador, he must be informed.848
If you rub this lamp, it will increase your combat stats. Be aware that it only has two wishes, rather than the traditional three.833
Have you found our relic yet?816
It's only a pity that we haven't won an outright victory over her. Well, I'll just have to get used to these spots and the sour milk the cows are producing, not to mention those darned frogs outside.808
Nor do I really care.784
Ah, yes, I have it here. I'm sure you'll get a huge amount of enjoyment out of it.725
I have my own preparations to make, but could you help out the town's carpenter and embalmer?692
In that case, be sure to talk to Jex. He looks after the building and can tell you all about the place.526
Yes, there is a shrine dedicated to Scabaras in the Temple of the Lesser Gods in the north-east of the city.523
Yes, the followers of Scabaras used to be great architects of the subterranean. According to legend, they once planned to build a passage under the river Elid. No doubt Elidinis smote them, because none of520
The Book of Light and Day says that Tumeken once fell into a deep sleep and dreamt for four days and four nights. The first night he slept and dreamt a good dream. He dreamt of a journey long and arduous.509
The Sect of Scabaras: a cult dedicated to the lesser deity, Scabaras.507
Well, the followers of The Devourer shunned the light, but all her temples have been destroyed. Though there was also the Sect of Scabaras.501
He is the husband of Elidinis, father of both Icthlarin and The Devourer, and the head of the pantheon of gods.496
No. All Tumeken's children and their followers revel in the light these days.494
None that I know of; if there was, it would probably be guarded.491
I don't know. I think I'll leave that up to you.467
That would solve part of our problems, but a large number of our townsfolk are in Menaphos. We must get word to them that it's safe to return.465
The Menaphites are led by a more secular ruler than I would like. Respect for the old ways is diminishing.463
It never ends; as soon as I think we have it won, The Devourer catches us off our guard again.442
Likewise, %USERNAME%, in your adventures.435
Greetings, Coenus.423
I led a delegation across the bridge but we were allowed no further.418
You have proved that the plagues aren't contagious, so we must try to lift the quarantine that Menaphos has imposed on us.408
I have a feeling this could prove a somewhat hazardous quest for you and I'm not even sure where you would start. However, if you are happy dealing with our woes, we would, of course, be grateful.406
I'm glad you want to help, but how exactly to continue, I don't know.406
I don't have a clue. I've already tried to meet with them and we were rebuffed in a most unpleasant fashion.405
deity came into being. On the fourth night, however, Tumeken dreamt a bad dream. He dreamt of himself and he dreamt of his increasing isolation caused by his extended sleep. This isolation sprung forth into the372
From the loins of his subconscious Apmeken was born into reality, a physical manifestation of his dream. Tumeken continued to have pleasant dreams for a further two days and two nights. After each, a new360
world and took on the form of Scabaras.344
the followers were ever seen again.344
You will let us pass. We are not contagious.329
You wouldn't?323
You wouldn't dare!310
That is an improper greeting. You address the High Priest of Icthlarin!284
Enjoy your stay here. May it be spiritually uplifting!176
Have you helped the embalmer and the carpenter to get all they need yet?122
I doubt Coenus would let his mother over the bridge without threating to fill her full of arrows.79
How can I help you?77
Please hurry, it can't be allowed into the wrong hands.75
Perhaps you should go and check back with him. I'm probably going to leave for the ceremonial room soon, to get things underway.73
Hurry and report to Sir Tiffy.67
They guard the bridge all day and night; we've looked into this route.58
I doubt it; they keep the bridge brightly lit at all times.58
Don't. Coenus and his men may be cold-blooded thugs, but they are our brethren and, besides, they are just following orders.57
Protect us from The Devourer's minion.56
There are probably gaps in the walls, but if the current doesn't kill you, the crocodiles will.56
Can you please hurry up? The people are begining to...erm...54
No thank you, I am not accepting donations for the church at this time.45
Um...well, no, just my authority. Don't forget that to enter the pyramid, you need a cat.43
Oh no! What a shame. Have you tried looking for it?38
I'm sorry, I have no more left. Perhaps you could ask the Sphinx; she could well have a spare one and, from what I've gathered, she seems to have taken a liking to you.38
If you return with some space in your pack, I'll supply you with some sort of reward.37
Do hurry up; I'm being driven demented with these infernal spots.31
Get thee gone from my presence.28
Have you spoken with Jex yet?20
Don't worry; you'll be handsomely rewarded.18
It's none of those things and it's of no monetary value whatsoever.18
To quote someone else, 'all that glitters is not gold'.18
I have?18
Oh, just listen. What I'm offering you is something a bit different but quite useful, nonetheless. So, will you help or not?18
He should be outside the Temple of the Lesser Gods in the north-east corner of the city. He knows a large amount about the building.17
I haven't heard anything more since my people returned. Ask them, if you're curious about Menaphos.14
I'm afraid you have benefitted all you can from these lamps.12
Ask away; any hope is better than none.11
Stop wasting my time; can't you see I'm trying to put a stop to this plague?10
I have nearly completed my preparations too. I will probably see you inside the ceremonial room in the pyramid.9
Any luck with getting news to our people in Menaphos?9
You already have a lantern; greed isn't good, you know.9
Now that you mention it, there is that dastardly character, Simon Templeton, who is encouraging adventurers to thieve from one of the old, great pyramids to the north-east of the city walls.9
Of course. We Menaphites are believers in many gods.8
A somewhat strange request, but I see no harm in... Wait a moment... is that BLOOD?8
Why do you want me to bless a pot full of someones blood???8
I... see... Well it is an unusual thing, but I see no harm in it. Take this, and walk in peace with Saradomin.8
What kind of jar? A burial jar?8
You don't mean...this jar? The priest shows you the Canopic jar which you had previously been holding.8
Oh dear, oh dear. What do you intend to do with it?8
Would you return it to its rightful place if I gave it to you?8
There is a room to the north of the pyramid containing a number of jars. That is its rightful place.8
Ummm... So you have.7
The town is getting back to normal, thanks to you. 7
We're doing a bit. Having Nardah and Pollnivneach nearby helps and we're also getting a lot of trade from adventurers these days.7
No need for thanks. Sadly, this view isn't taken by all Menaphite sects.6
The bank under the Temple of the Lesser Gods has reopened and a number of our merchants have reopened their stalls.6
Still I look forward to when the city opens its gates to us again.6
I would reward you but, by the looks of you, I doubt you could carry any more baggage.6
Well adventurer, I have heard that they exist on this island, but have not ever seen one myself.5
According to legend however, they are so hot that their merest touch can burn flesh.5
I know not adventurer, it was just a myth I was told as a young boy. Perhaps somewhere icey?5
I, in my position as head priest of Icthlarin, still give praise to Tumeken and Elidinis each day at this very altar.5
What am I thinking? Of course not, no. It's just the man annoys me so much.5
By the time I found out about what he was up to, it was already too late to recover most of the artefacts. 5
I gave him an almighty shoeing and ran him out of the town.5
Apparently long ago a great hero used a pair of magical gloves, stolen from the Queen of the Ice to cool the bird down enough to catch as a pet.4
He pilfered so many things from our city when he came here claiming to work for the Museum of Varrock.4
He had sold them on to private collectors.4
Of course not. Forget I mentioned him.4
So much for Gielinor's greatest adventurer.4
As I feared, our tribulations will continue unabated and we are without hope.2
How kind of you to bring me a message to this remote island!2
In the name of Saradomin I shall bless you...1
Here, let me give you some herbs.1