Volunteers offer themselves gladly, knowing that their sacrifice is for the good of the tribe. Also, I grant their families extra rations of food.1,287
Zulrah is the all-powerful snake god of the southern wastes. He rises from the swamp to show his divine majesty and to accept our homage.1,278
Why do you bother the High Priestess of Zulrah, human?1,177
You would offer yourself as a sacrifice in his place? Your dedication to Zulrah must be truly profound to make such an offer...1,145
The next sacrifice is a brave gnome who has just come of age. He waits by the boat now.1,058
Long ago, our forebears came to this place, not realising that they were trespassing in Zulrah's domain. He arose from the swamp in wrath, and many were slain.1,042
I think you have misunderstood the nature of the sacrifice, human. Never mind, the mighty Zulrah will make the matter clear to you.1,013
... and I accept. You shall be our next sacrifice. Board the boat when you are ready, and give glory to Zulrah through your death.967
Then my mother, oldest and wisest of the tribe, dared to intercede with the mighty Zulrah on behalf of her people, and thus a sacred contract was declared.926
All he asks in return is a periodic sacrifice at his sacred shrine. As long as the sacrifices continue, Zulrah will let us live peacefully in his lands.902
Zulrah granted us the right to dwell in his lands, and to eat of their bounty. None shall ever drive us out, for Zulrah protects us.893
Willing volunteers are never hard to find, for their sacrifice buys peace for the tribe, and I grant their families extra rations of food.885
But Zulrah, in his mercy, allowed some of those transgressors to live, sparing them the punishment they deserved, and allowing them the chance to repent.858
You offered yourself to Zulrah as a sacrifice, yet here you stand before me. Did Zulrah reject you?270
The southern wastes are a perilous place where travellers often become lost. Elves from the woodland villages, gnomes from the eastern caves, and many others.175
Do you wish me to tell you more of Zulrah, human?159
Some find their way here, like my forebears did. They eat of the sacred swamp eels that Zulrah sends, and become one with the tribe.143
Very funny, human, but I find that hard to believe. Go and offer yourself as a sacrifice again, before the mighty Zulrah grows impatient.117
Their original families and tribes shun them as unclean creatures once they have tasted of the sacred swamp eels, so they remain here to worship Zulrah.112
I see you have not yet offered yourself as a sacrifice to Zulrah, human. Climb into the boat, and the priestess will deliver you to the shrine.76
Perhaps you should try offering yourself again, before the mighty Zulrah grows impatient.35