Greetings Adventurer, why have you come to me in my abode?1,085
Good. Give me the amulet so that I may perform the enchantment.1,065
Your cat speaks some truth, it is humans that misinterpret their relationship with cats.1,060
Using the enchanted amulet is easy; open up the amulet and you'll see a cat's face, use the whiskers to rotate the cats nose. You'll see the nose move and the new direction highlighted. When the nose points in the1,058
I am sorry %USERNAME%. I will help Unferth find Bob, he has been a friend of mine for many years.1,053
I see you have an Amulet of Catspeak. If you open the amulet up, you will see contained inside is a mechanism. If this is enchanted correctly it can be used to locate a cat, in our case Bob. If you bring me five death runes1,052
Reinn threw up anyway.974
We wouldn't have been so cold if Armod had more diary pages he'd let us use!974
If only SOMEONE would come and save us.965
Shhhh! Just pretend you're part of the scenery, or something!959
direction that Bob is in, the eyes will light up and the mouth will open. You'll need to head in that direction and then check the direction again. If you are very close to Bob then the eyes and mouth will animate no873
Hmm. This is not like Bob, I wonder what could be the problem?742
then I will be able to perform the enchantment for you.730
matter which way the nose is pointing. That's all there is to it, good luck!698
It's cold here, we've got no food, and we can't go back to the town.641
I agree with him. I want to go back home.639
Come back to me when you have them.31
Greetings Adventurer, do you have the death runes so I can enchant your Amulet of Catspeak?29
Greetings Adventurer, have you managed to find Bob yet?24
I want to go home.24
This can be rectified, simply bring me another Amulet of Catspeak and five death runes and I will enchant it for you.19
I heard about what you did, thank you!15
I hear the Imperial Guard are preparing an attack!10
Thank you so much!10
Surely we are safe now!7
The White Knights are still going to take over.5
The Imperial Guard can no longer protect us!3
Hello stranger.1
Go away!1