Interesting. So you don't know anything about what they found?1,093
That's me. Do you need something?1,092
I'm rather busy with my own research.1,092
Well what is it?1,092
Fascinating. We've been researching the lizard creatures here for a while now. We have reason to believe they are not of natural origin and may in fact have been created by Xeric or his followers.1,091
Yes. This is definitely worth pursuing. In fact, I think I know where we should begin.1,091
We recently found a small crevice on the western face of the mountain. It seems to be manmade and appears to be older than the rest of the caves around here.1,090
Hello. Did you find anything in that cave?1,064
A lizardman? Is it safe?1,063
Well in that case, we'll go take a look.1,063
This cave is quite fascinating. We could really be on to something big here.1,009
We've never come across lizards like the ones in this cave before. It would appear that they are a previously undiscovered species.1,007
That's nothing. The really interesting part is that these lizards appear to be directly related to the Lizardmen that roam this region.1,005
It would appear so. That's not all though, this cave definitely predates Xeric, who we originally believed to be the creator of the Lizardmen.1,003
Impossible to say for sure, but with what we've already learnt about King Shayzien VII, I do wonder if he was the one responsible.1,003
There are some who believe that King Shayzien VII and Xeric were one and the same. They claim that after his death, the king was resurrected by his followers, taking on the name Xeric.1,001
But this quote of yours suggests the lizardmen may have existed during the time of King Shayzien VII, before Xeric's rule.698
Anyway, I'm going to carry on with my research. I'd recommend you talk to Gnosi. She's made some interesting discoveries of her own.686
Duffy's the name. I'm a natural historian from Varrock Museum. My team and I are here to explore this mountain.83
Bahaha, you adventurers are all the same, never seeing past the fights and the treasure...82
Indeed, they're a fascinating species! We're hoping to learn about their origins and how they've evolved.78
Well, we have a theory that lizard creatures aren't natural at all, but were created by dark magical experiments.76
No thanks adventurer, natural history studies are delicate and precise... but if we ever need something haphazardly destroyed we'll let you know.72
We don't need your help. Run along now, go and play in the dungeons with the other adventurers. I hear they're full of monsters to fight!72
This Mountain is steeped in natural history, but our main focus is to study the lizard creatures that surround this area.60
However we're not very familiar with this region so we've enlisted the help of the Kourend Grand Library to aid us in our research.60
Find anything in that cave?54
Right now we're looking for evidence to prove this theory, but it's proving somewhat difficult.54
Try not to get yourself killed, it would be such a tragedy!52
Well let us know when you do.51
Good thanks. Now that we've found this cave, we're learning more about the Lizardmen than ever before.39