I don't know what to do without my boat.1,919
You're telling me, none of the sailors seem to remember who I am.1,254
That's a worry, no-one's heard from him on shore. Come on, we'd better go look for him.1,254
Hello m'hearty.1,249
I'm afraid it isn't sea worthy, it's full of holes. To fill the holes I'll need some swamp paste.1,248
Yes, swamp tar mixed with flour and heated over a fire.1,246
In fact, unless me nose be mistaken, you've got some in yer pack.774
Aye lad. That be perfect.665
Aye lass. That be perfect.466
You're right. It all sounds pretty creepy.436
Aye. Fare thee well.380
Aye. The Mayor has given it to Jeb Wormwood. He is running the boat to the Fishing Platform now.376
I'm destitute. I can sail no more.374
About two weeks ago, I was hauled up in front of the Mayor and he tells me I've broken his new 'Articles of sailing'.374
Well, hello again m'hearty. How're yer fare?373
Scuppered I am, keelhauled and bottomed out.373
Yes, he's safe and sound with his parents. Your turn to return to land now adventurer.360
He tells me that under his new laws my boat is forfeit.296
Speaking of which, since you were last there it's got a might bit stranger. You really should take a look.293
Hello again land lover. There's some strange goings on, on that platform, I tell you.239
'Fraid not lad. I've been washed up and left to dry.225
Of course m'hearty. If that's what you want.199
Hello m'hearty. Did you manage to make some swamp paste?162
'Fraid not lass. I've been washed up and left to dry.147
Superb, this looks great.113
Unfortunately the only supply of swamp tar is in the swamps below Lumbridge. It's too far for an old man like me to travel.110
Have you had enough of this place yet? It's really starting to scare me.106
If you make me some swamp paste I'll give you a ride in my boat.89
Just smell that sea air... beautiful.84
Well hello good Sir, beautiful day isn't it.60
It's simply swamp tar mixed with flour heated over a fire. Unfortunately the only supply of swamp tar is in the swamps below Lumbridge.48
Well hello again m'hearty. Your land loving legs getting bored? Fancy some cold wet underfoot?37
Fancy going out to sea?37
Well hello m'laddy, beautiful day isn't it.29
Okay... you're the boss.28
I can't fix my row boat without it.27
Okay m'hearty, jump on.23
Hold on tight!22
Someway off mainland still. You'd better see if me old matey's okay.14
Okay then. I'll wait here for you.8
Fair enough m'hearty.8
We'd better be getting back to the platform. Hold on tight m'hearty.1