Oh, hello.108
Crossbows, are you interested?83
Are they any good?! They're dwarven engineering at its best!79
Take care, straight shooting.26
Well, firstly you'll need to chop yourself some wood, then use a knife on the wood to whittle out a nice crossbow stock like these here.25
Then get yourself some metal and a hammer and smith yourself some limbs for the bow, mind that you use the right metals and woods though as some wood is too light to use with some metal and vice versa.24
Wood and Bronze as they're basic materials, Oak and Blurite, Willow and Iron, Steel and Teak, Mithril and Maple, Adamantite and Mahogany and finally Runite and Yew.22
Simply take a hammer and smack the limbs firmly onto the stock. You'll then need a string, only they're not the same as normal bows. You'll need to dry some large animal's meat to get sinew, then spin that on a spinning22
wheel, it's the only thing we've found to be strong enough for a crossbow.19
Well.. I don't rightly know... us dwarves don't work with magic, we prefer gold and rock. Much more stable. I guess you could ask the humans at the rangers guild to see if they can do something but I don't want16
anything to do with it!15
You can smith yourself lots of different bolts, don't forget to flight them with feathers like you do arrows though. You can poison any untipped bolt but there's also the option of tipping them with gems then8
enchanting them with runes. This can have some pretty powerful effects.8
Find Hirko in Keldagrim, he also sells crossbow parts and I'm sure he has something you can use to store bolts in.6