You haveee materials need. Here goes!7,581
You no haveee the two materials need.4,646
Thrank you. For reward you speak me, I makes monsters.871
They use essence of Guthix power. Create tower pump this from ground. Make me with godly power. Dangerous.868
Me do know. Pleased you rescue.867
Easy. You run down and I watching from here. I surprise right moment.671
Now we go scare alchemies - they have been wrong to do this! Although I have life, they mustn't go about this again.667
No does matter which you chose. Me needed organise my thoughts. I see there is truth in both.666
That it! Make sense now, thank you!658
Ah, please...650
So horrible beings. Daarrrr!640
Leeet mwwe free. Argyyghh.633
Lieees. Grahhh633
Arggh, so alchemist create me now I trapped for experiements. But still I confused.631
Me see logic, feeeel magic. A mix of the two.631
No so sure it is easy to do. No one canna 'elp. Arghhh.630
Where me? Skin burn...arrgh...eyes hurt...let me go!542
Me not hurt. Now tell. What you plans? What you do with me?542
Me look dungeon, %USERNAME%. Please meet there.534
Bad play with. Naughty men. Go! Go, never return!520
No, mean, nasty peoples.478
Arghh! Let me go!474
Whyeee cage? Argh...please help me! Graaahhh!470
You create hurt. Not fair, let me free!470
Good! I gain know from alchemists and builders. Me make beings.245
Yes, you right!238
Inspect symbol of life altars around dungeon. You see item give. Use item on altar. Activate altar to create, you fight.233
Better. You been mine angel. I now have the understanding I need.29
Please, alchemists you speak, me appear to surprise.28
Thank you.24
Stranger... nooo, help meee.19
It's %USERNAME%. How are you?2
Alchemists return the other day. Me turn them into animals.2
Yeah, me made a uniman and a chickalchemist!2
Talk Effigy, see what he say for himself.1