Might want to dump that stuff yer holdin'.564
You here for the...stuff?366
Sorry, no hats allowed. Shove it in the deposit box if you want to play.328
Well, if you are carrying anything in there, then it might get damaged. Burned up, that kind of thing.315
You might want to put it in the bank, nice and safe like.229
We talkin' the same language yet?194
Look pal I got the goods if you have the cash.163
Cos it's one of the rules, you got a problem with rules?119
Good answer!84
Look miss I got the goods if you have the cash.73
But still, no hats. They give you a hat to show what team you are on, and if you got a hat on, it might get nicked, see?70
Then sling yer 'ook!34
Huh, who's there?18
I might be, you got something for me?18
Like...5000 Pieces of Eight?18
The sooner you get out of my head the better. So, you here for the... information?17
Look, you want something or not?17
The sort of stuff you use in brewing.16
I said, it's the sort of Stuff you add to a brewing vat after you have put the water and barley malt in.16
The sort of stuff the Cooking Guild banned last year.15
THEN you add the sort of stuff I'm talking about, followed by the hops and the yeast.14
That clear enough for you or am I going to have to start drawin' pictures on the wall of the hut?14
Look pal, you interrupted me for a reason, you must be after something.14
That sort of stuff.13
The sort of stuff that (if added to a vat of brewing ingredients just before the hops) has a higher chance of producin' a mature batch of whatever ale you wanted to make.12
Then, when whatever you are making brews it will have a higher chance of being a mature batch of ale.12
No cats.5
No-one's waiting at the moment. Perhaps you can get some people interested.4
Look miss, you interrupted me for a reason, you must be after something.3
Ah, that's information I can help yer with.3
A game is ready to start just as soon as there are enough people.3
There are 0 people on Dan's team, and 0 on San's. There needs to be one on each in order for a game to start!3
Anything else?3
Yep, they might get into the brew, and I know a few pirates that are allergic to them.2
You a good cook?1
Then you don't get in. Cooking 40 or over, Cooking Guild regulations, if you catch my drift.1