Our supplies are starting to run a little low; we should make our charge soon.1,089
Once you have helped to slay 10 trolls then you should be able to assault the Troll King.1,088
The Champion had better arrive soon. We can't wait much longer!987
We will hold back the troll forces while you cross the bridge to the south of the cave.918
Are you here to help with the trolls?73
Well, watch yourself. Those rocks that the trolls throw can take your arm off.61
I hope you're not heading north. There are lots of trolls, very dangerous.47
Pretty good. It's nice to have a day off from troll- killing duty.38
Of course. It's all part of growing up around here. You get used to it.32
Can't talk now, I'm on duty.18
Good day, jester! Got any new jokes?8
Can't talk now. I'm on duty.5